We are husbands by day and gays at night - Gay men confess to YEN

We are husbands by day and gays at night - Gay men confess to YEN

YEN.com.gh reveals the account of two middle class gay men in Ghana who say they got married to women due to the pressure from family and friends. Their personal stories have been put together into one piece and it’s all about the fear of living a gay life in Ghana.

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Homosexuality continues to remain a hot topic for discussion in our part of the world with the Ghanaian society totally against the practice.

Over the past few weeks or months, we have come to hear of very revealing stories of how the gay society keeps shocking the very group of persons who hate them the most – come to think about the recent marriage of a Ghanaian to his American boyfriend.

But YEN.com.gh met two gentlemen who say they only got married for the purposes of societal respect and not for the love of finding a wife. Donald is a 35-year-old gynecologist.

Working at one of the private hospitals in Accra, the middle-aged doctor revealed that his marriage to a woman was based on the pressures from family and friends who say his wealth and title as a doctor was room enough for him to get married and start a family.

“ I have a boyfriend, we use to go out so often but I needed to let him know what the situation is. He was very hurt since we never wanted to part ways. I tell you, it’s difficult when you get to that age when you have everything and family start asking why you are not married,” Donald revealed in a secret conversation with YEN.

Donald is a 5-foot-tall gentleman who stands out as every woman’s dream husband. But he is one of the several discreet married men in Ghana having issues with their sexuality. According to him, his sexuality has mostly helped him become one of the most successful gynecologists in the country.

“Sometimes my wife wonders how I manage with my job without cheating on her. You know, this job is all about women who sometimes may pounce on me with sexual favours, but I am attracted to men. No two ways about this,” he said in a mild smile.

Nana Kissi is also another homosexual whose story is worth telling. Being a university lecturer at one of Ghana’s leading universities, this 32-year-old man is not just married to a woman but also in a sexually active relationship with his South African boyfriend.

For the purposes of his reputation, he decided to take us to one of his secluded houses at Ada in the Greater Accra region where all we could do was to jot down everything he was saying…without the use of either a recorder or a camera.

Unlike Donald, whose boyfriend knows of his marriage, Nana Kissi reveals that he never wishes to disclose his month-old wedding to his gay boyfriend.

“We had hopes of getting married in South Africa in a secret wedding but things turned someway when my mother started getting sick because, according to her, she wanted grandchildren. I am the only son at home and so I had just one option – getting married,” He confessed as he sipped on a glass of wine.

According to Nana Kissi, there is no way he could leave his boyfriend since their love is bound to last forever.

“It’s difficult to find real love in Ghana today, most marriages that we see today are either staged or planned weddings just like mine. I always travel to South Africa at least thrice a month to meet him. We spend memorable times together – that’s all I need in a relationship,” he disclosed.

These shocking accounts by these gentlemen furthers the stigma and pain of being in the gay community in Ghana especially when parliament has revealed of moves to ensuring that the practice is completely made illegal in the country.

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Meanwhile, some group of gay men seeking refuge in Canada are looking out for signatures in support for the rightful treatment of gays and lesbians in the country.

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