My husband, family abandoned me - Breast Cancer survivor recounts

My husband, family abandoned me - Breast Cancer survivor recounts

-Breast cancer survivor has shared how her husband mistreated after she told him of her ailment

-The husband, fearing being infected with the disease, sacked her from their home

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Marriage is supposed to be for better and couples are expected to be there for each other through thick and thin but it was not so for Raheema Quaye, whose husband abandoned her and their children in her most difficult time.

Breast cancer survivor recounts painful ordeal she suffered from her husband and family after diagnosis

Raheema Quaye

Madam Quaye had been diagnosed with breast cancer, a time when she would have needed her husband and family's support most but the husband decided it was rather time to send her packing from their matrimonial home.

Recounting her painful ordeal in an interview on Starr FM, Madam Quaye stated she had grown up not knowing any thing about the dreaded disease but got alarmed one day when she felt a lump in her breast while bathing.

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After her discovery, she spoke to a sister of her's who recommended a herbalist whom she [sister] believed could help because he had helped her friend too.

She only got to know it was breast after she benefited from a free screening exercise.

Her diagnosis hit her very hard and she "thought all was lost at the time" but what was to come after the diagnosis would be much more difficult to take.

"My husband divorced me when I informed him about it. My husband asked me and our three children to pack out because he thought Breast Cancer was contagious", she said.

As if that was not painful enough, her relatives also abandoned her at a point for the same reason as her husband and even brainwashed her own children to abandon her.

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"My children were also brainwashed by some relatives and were told not to get close to me else they will suffer from beast cancer", she explained.

Her difficult situation got her broke as she "had to sell all my property just to get money for treatment".

But according to her, help came through Breast Care International (BCI), a breast cancer based NGO which supported her and she is now recovered.

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