Majid Michel reveals his highest paid movie job

Majid Michel reveals his highest paid movie job

Well known Ghanaian actor come Christian evangelist, Majid Michel, has revealed exactly how big his biggest paycheck was for participant in a single movie production in the Nollywood movie industry.

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Majid Michel reveals his highest paid movie job

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Judging from comments Majid Michel made during a recent interview on Starr FM's Starr Chat show, the actor come man of God is definitely one Ghanaian actor who takes himself and his acting career very seriously.

Speaking to star show host, Bola Ray, Majid Michel made it clear that the fact that his paid a substantial amount of money for his participation in a movie, that doesn't make him the richest.

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If I’m the highest paid movie actor in Ghana doesn’t mean I’m the richest but If I’m shooting every week then I can be the richest,” he said.

According to Majid Michel, the biggest paycheck he ever received was when he acted in a movie in the Nigerian movie industry, and that the check he received was to the whopping tune of $35,000, an amount that most local actors and actresses could only dream about.

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Furthermore, Majid Michel dismissed claims that his acting fee is charged in local Ghana Cedis. Majid Michel expressed that he's very picky with what scripts he chooses, and that he prefers to take up scripts that resonate with him.

"Sometimes I don’t get movies to play roles in because I don’t get the scripts that will connect with me… I do turn down many scripts.” He said.

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