Social media users in Ghana take offence with 'insensitivity' exhibited by others after Atomic Junction explosion report

Social media users in Ghana take offence with 'insensitivity' exhibited by others after Atomic Junction explosion report

Some social media users in Ghana have not taken kindly to some racist and inhuman comments that were passed by some foreign nationals when the gas explosion at Atomic Junction was reported in the foreign media.

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Social media users in Ghana take offence with 'insesitivity' exhibited by some foreign national after Atomic Junction explosion was reported

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The news which has appeared on Aljazeera and Daily Mail have attracted some very ‘unpleasant’ comments and many Ghanaians are unhappy about the reaction coming from some people.

Manuel Armstrong, a Facebook user lamented, “thought we were at least human until I read some comments here asking why it’s been reported and that some people doesn't care?... wow... and we cared so much about Las Vegas, Paris, Manchester, London etc...”

Many people engaged in light banters with people who were commenting with harsh and degrading words and asked them to be more ‘human’.

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A British citizen, Kayleigh Hughes who could not stand some of the comments indicated that, “Some of the comments here are disgusting! Why are there so many self-centered people? As a British citizen and HUMAN BEING I want to know what’s happening in the world! There are more countries in the world than us and the USA or have you guys forgotten that? You are everything that is wrong with the world right now! Prayers for everyone involved”

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Yesterday, it was reported that there had been an explosion at a filling station in Atomic Junction, a suburb of Madina. The explosion is believed to have caused the death of some two people. An unconfirmed number of people are also believed to have been injured.

Here is how some Facebook users reacted to the explosion:

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This is how others reacted to the above comments:

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