Radio host urges women to dress wisely to avoid verbal abuse

Radio host urges women to dress wisely to avoid verbal abuse

Radio and Televisio personality, Amanda Jissih, during a recent interview urged plus sized women to be mindful of what they chose to wear if they wanted to avoid being a abused verbally.

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Radio host urges women to dress wisely to avoid verbal abuse

Amanda Jissih

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According to Amanda Jissish's comments, it seems the TV and radio personality believes that plus sized women need to be more careful when it comes to choosing their wardrobes.

Speaking in a recent interview with former TV Africa presenter, Stacey Amoateng, Amanda Jissih sought to advise plus sized women and urged them to be careful of what sort of attire they chose to wear in order to avoid insults.

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Speaking on the Restoration with Stacy show, Amanda Jissih told show host Stacy Amoateng that had their been one thing she could change on her body, it would have been her stomach.

"I will change my stomach," she said, responding to a question if she'd make any changes to her body had she been able to.

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Amanda Jissih's comment may not end up going down too well with some members of the public, especially those who've maintained that what a woman wears is her prerogative, and should not be a reason for her persecution.

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