5 amazing beaches in Ghana you should visit

5 amazing beaches in Ghana you should visit

Sometimes it's good to take step away from all the work and the busy schedules in order to have a good time.

Relaxing the body at a cool place is very necessary to maintain a healthy life, and there can be no better place to achieve that than at the beach.

With the waves and the cool breeze giving your brain exactly what it needs, the mere sight of such a scenery also helps make a vacation more exciting.

Now if you are looking for a beach for your perfect relaxation, here are five of the best in Ghana you should be thinking about visiting.

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1. Elmina Beach

As one of the most attractive spots in the Central Region, the Elmina beach serves as a recreational ground for visitors.

It is also one of the neatest beaches you can find in Ghana, with its cool breeze something you would enjoy when on vacation.

5 amazing beaches in Ghana you should visit

Elmina beach

2. Labadi Beach

Ghanaians barely celebrate a public holiday without trooping to the Labadi Beach resort to have a good time.

Located in Accra, the beach offers a variety of facilities, including pools, good food and well accommodated rooms for visitors.

5 amazing beaches in Ghana you should visit

Labadi beach

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3. Busua Beach

The Busua Beach in Takoradi is also one of the most attractive in Ghana.

A pictorial view of the beech at night gives the rare sight of a serene environment, filled with lights. It is also one of the best when it comes to vacation treatments.

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4. Ada Beach

Perhaps the most popular Beach in Ghana due to its wide range of facilities.

The Ada Beach provides an avenue for anything needed for a cool vacation including jet skiing, boat riding etc.

5 amazing beaches in Ghana you should visit

Ada beach

5. Kokrobite Beach

For those looking to party, the Kokrobite Beach is the best place to be.

The Beach, located in Accra, serves as the best location for couples or lovers looking to enjoy a good time away from everything else.

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