First Lady launches GIFTS nutrition program

First Lady launches GIFTS nutrition program

- Mrs. Akufo Addo launched the GIFTS nutrition program on Wednesday, October 11th

- The initiative is aimed at tackling the issue of anemia among adolescent girls in Ghana

Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo, First Lady of the nation and wife to President Nana Akufo Addo, on Wednesday, October 11th launched the Girls Iron and Folic Acid supplementation (GIFTS) program in Sunyani Jubilee Park.

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First Lady launches pro girls GIFT nutrition program

Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo

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The GIFTS initiative, launched by the First Lady and initiated by the Ghana Health Service will be be carried out if a series of phases, the first of which will target around 360,000 adolescent girls in four regions.

Speaking at the launch at the Sunyani Jubilee Park, Mrs. Akufo Addo highlighted the health dangers that anemia poses to people, especially young ladies, and the rate at which it's affected the female population.

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"If for any unfortunate reason an anaemic adolescent girl becomes pregnant, she has a higher risk of delivering a premature baby, a low birth weight baby or even tragically die during or after delivery.” Said Mrs. Akufo Addo.

Mrs. Akufo Addo went on to say that, for anemic young girls, expert say they should be given nutrient-rich food, and couple that with iron folate supplements routinely for immediate growth and health.

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She went on to say that an early investment in women's health will lead to a strong and healthy labor force for the future. She further urged stakeholders to come together to support the program to help tackle the problem.

Touching on the issue of side effects, the first lady stated that effective communication was necessary to ensure the people's fears were allayed.

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