My 25-year-old boyfriend started cheating on me after earning a lot of money - Lady seeks advice

My 25-year-old boyfriend started cheating on me after earning a lot of money - Lady seeks advice

A 19-year-old lady has asked Nigerians to advise her on how to handle her boyfriend who started cheating on her with different girls after he started making money.

The unidentified lady explained that she and her boyfriend who is 25 years old have been dating for two years.

She noted that although they both love each other unconditionally, her boyfriend always told her he would try to woo the girls that declined him when he makes money.

According to her, her boyfriend started to make a lot of money about five months ago, he bought a car for himself and changed his apartment.

She added that he also spent money on her, rented an apartment for her in school and gives her money monthly.

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The young lady also noted that he started cheating on her not long after God smiled on him and apologizes for it when she confronts him just to go back to cheat on her again.

She explained that she has tried to break up with him but she is unable to leave him because she loves him. The lady asked people to advise her on how to handle the situation.

Read post below:

“Am a bit confused and I need urgent advice. I’m a girl of 19 yrs dating a guy of 25. We’ve been together for about 2 years now. He loves me unconditionally, and I do love him too. Often times he would say when he makes money he will go and woo those girls that declined him in d past. I often get pissed.

Recently, about 5 months ago, he started having so much money (maybe yahoo). He bought a car, changed his apartment and started living large. He still spends time with me and takes good care of me. He also rented a good apartment for me in school, and pays me money monthly.

But, he’s cheating on me. Always hanging around with other girls. And he doesn’t deny it. Often times he will say he’s sorry, but will do d worse.

It pains me a lot and often times I get very sad about it. I know he still loves me more than anything but I can’t his cheating attitude. If I threaten to walk away, he will beg and beg me to stay. Please I don’t know what to do, I feel insecure.

I love him, but this cheating stuff is really weighing me down so much. What do I do, I feel like I should walk away and allow him live his life but I find it hard. What other ways can I make him stop cheating.

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NB** it’s not about his money, cos I’ve loved him long before this money madness happened. And my family is well to do too. I just need an advice on how to carefully tackle this issue. Thank you.”


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