Grieving mother sends a message to her late son and unexpectedly gets a response

Grieving mother sends a message to her late son and unexpectedly gets a response

- Taylor Thyfault was killed saving another man’s life

- His dream to save a man came true in a huge price

- Taylor was serving as a cadet at the time

YEN shares the heartbreaking story of Carole Adler, the mother of 21-year-old Taylor Thyfault, who was killed as a young man on May 23, 2015, serving the country.

Taylor Thyfault was raised by Carole Adler, the wise and kind woman who has done it right. The mother and the son were close, and Carole texted him often to check on Taylor, who was a Cadet.

Back in high school, Taylor was already goal-oriented, and made a list of 25 goals for his future.

He wanted to visit Hawaii and buy an English Bull Dog. But also he wanted to save a life, and be there for people who were there for him. These nice goals costed the boy his life.

When the Colorado State Patrol was training Cadet Thyfault, 21, they went to the highway to make a crush investigation. The police was chasing the car of Christopher Gebers, who missed the traffic stop.

The man did not stop, and was driving very fast by the accident place, where Cadet Thyfault was on a training. When Taylor saw the speeding car, he has a second to scream to the nearby-standing tow-truck driver to get away, but he did not have time to save his life.


In this video, you can see the torturous story of Carole Adler talking about her beloved son, who she lost in 2015. Watch the full video to see the end of the story.

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Taylor’s dream came true and he save a life. However, his mother lost a child who she loved so dearly.

“Every day, it hits me like a ton of bricks when I can’t text him.”

Carole said that she texted him right before the accident, and when she was told that Taylor died, she screamed and did not want to believe it.

Carole said that Taylor was her protector, he was so caring and brave, always helping her and talking to her and other people with honor and respect.

One day Carole texted Taylor’s number just because she missed him so much, understanding that she will not get the response, but at least mentally she would know the text is sent to her son.

However, she got a response. And it was Sergeant Kell Hulsey from the Greeley Police Department who was assigned Taylor’s number. He texted Carole that she is texting a Sergeant and that he is sorry about her loss.

However, the grieving mother did not ask the Sergeant to have this number reassigned. She said that he serves the country, just like her son wanted, so he is doing a part of her son’s dream true.

Sergeant Kell Hulsey wanted to keep the number of the dead boy too, because he said that he has his “pocket angel” now.

Carole still texts Sergeant Hulsey from time to time to check on him, and she receives messages back, which warms up her heart that misses Taylor so much.


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