5 colonial things Ghana needs to stop right now

5 colonial things Ghana needs to stop right now

Ghana might not be one of the richest nations in the world, however, in terms of peace and tranquility, the country stands as one of the best you would ever find.

But just like in any country, there are some things done in Ghana that look outdated, primitive and out of touch.

It’s already been 60 years since the West African nation gained independence from colonial rule, however, if recent occurrences are anything to go by, then there is still a long way to go.

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Despite the world entering the 21st century, there are still some things that both the Ghana government and its citizens do that are downright colonial.

Here are five colonial things that Ghanaians need to stop right now:

 1. Lawyers legal wigs 

Court dressing was introduced in Ghana by the British, during the colonial days. However, having left the shores of the country for such a long time, it’s high time we started thinking about doing away with the wig bit.

In England it is a tradition for Supreme Court judges to wear the wig when adjudicating issues, however, it was made flexible in 2008, with judges allowed to sit on cases without wearing wigs.

5 colonial things Ghana needs to stop right now

Wigs were abolished in Western Australia for both judges and lawyers in all courts in 2010

In very hot weather conditions, during trial of minors and in peculiar circumstances, it is not by force for judges to be in their wigs. In America, for instance, judges wearing wigs is no longer the case. Perhaps, it’s high time Ghanaian judges also do away with their wigs because it is colonial.


2. School children lining up on the streets to welcome visiting presidents

How many times do we see school children being interrupted during studies hours and sent onto roads just to wave at a visiting president in other countries?

However, in Ghana, this was the case on Monday when Cote d’Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara visited Accra.

5 colonial things Ghana needs to stop right now

School pupils waiting on the streets of Accra to wave at President Ouattara

School pupils were made to stand in the scorching sun waiting for long hours just to wave at the Ivorian president. To make matters worse, some major roads were blocked just for this exercise.

A Ghana looking to develop must stop such acts.

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3. Children marching on 6th march

On March 6 every year, students of some selected schools are sent to the Black Stars Square to march as a way of marking Ghana’s Independence Day.

Having the police, military and other security service personnel to march on the day alone is enough, and students do not necessarily need to be there to make it a success.

4. Driving on the right side is colonial

In Ghana, cars are supposed to be on the right side of the road. This is irrespective of whether your car is a left-hand or right-hand drive vehicle.

Sometimes owners of cars are even forced to change their right-hand drive cars to left-hand just because of the fact that roads in Ghana accommodate only left-hand drive cars.

And that is something that needs to change.

5 colonial things Ghana needs to stop right now

Almost always, in countries where one drives on the right-hand side of the road, the cars are built so that the driver sits on the left-hand side of the car.

5. Christian names

Again due to colonialism, the majority of Ghanaians adopted Christian names. However, it is high time we begin to appreciate our identities by picking names that are Ghanaian.

For some Ghanaians, Christian names mean everything, however, it must not be so. On the contrary, an indigenous name rather gives one a sense of identity, without having to explain anything.

In the 21st century this must also change.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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