Woman Overhears Airport Convo of Man Cheating on His Wife: Shares Information On Social Media

Woman Overhears Airport Convo of Man Cheating on His Wife: Shares Information On Social Media

  • A social media user got Mzansi talking about cheaters after she exposed a married man for allegedly meeting up with a side piece
  • @I_Kimberraxie (Lerato) shared that a man named Siya had been informing a female colleague about all his marital issues and his cheating escapades
  • Lerato shared everything on Twitter in hopes that Siya's wife would be able to see it but all she got was a bunch of angry tweets telling her to mind her own business

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Women standing up for other women is something we all want to see and that is exactly what @I_Kimberraxie (Lerato) did. The young lady reported to Twitter after she witnessed a man talking about his marital issues with a female colleague and confessing to going out with another woman.

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From his name and clothes down to the flight he was on, Lerato surely did come through. She explained that she saw a man named Siya taking a flight from OR Tambo to Durban, wearing a pink blazer and reading glasses.

Siya started telling his colleague that he met up with a lady at groove before exchanging numbers with her and having a meal. She added:

"Ooh and another small detail I forgot to mention is the airline he was on was FlySafair flight FA286."
Woman, overhears airport convo, bae cheating on his wife
Lerato shared the full details of a conversation she overheard in which a man admits to cheating on his wife. Image: Stock Photo / Getty Images
Source: UGC

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Take a look at the viral post below:

South African men come to the defence of Siya while the women of Mzansi are all for Lerato's honesty

@sese92358860 shared:

"Take your crown wena my Queen."

@Sebe_Journo tweeted:

"OK wait, this stopped being funny when I realised my friend is married to a Siya who wears glasses. They're both from Durban but live in Joburg."

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@tshepo27 said:

"What if Siya is unhappy???? What if the hun will cover his needs that the wife has ignored??? Let people be."

@MatshoganeM wrote:

"The men here are more angry at Lerato for telling on a cheating husband."

@Miss_lebs added:

"Cheaters are angry busy telling you to mind your business. Wena keep on doing what your heart tells you, and you’re not ruining their marriage! SIYA did."

@MrBrownDiamond1 believes:

"Unamanga, you are the lady he met and you want to break their relationship so you can sneak in..."

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In other cheating-related news, YEN.com.gh previously dared to ask a question many people didn't want to know the answer to because sometimes ignorance is bliss. We asked our readers:

"Have you ever cheated on your partner? Why did you do it?"

In fine style, Mzansi came out baring their souls and using a social media platform to air their dirty laundry. The comment section will have you in shock at the reasons people cheat and will make you feel like no one is safe from this five letter word, including you.

Source: Yen

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