10 Common New Year Resolutions Most Ghanaians Hilariously Throw Away after January

10 Common New Year Resolutions Most Ghanaians Hilariously Throw Away after January

  • Oh my God! Enough of the New Year, New Me-syndrome everybody keeps putting in our faces on social media, workspace and all
  • It is interesting how we always make the beginning of every New Year all about very quirky resolutions that they don't work towards
  • Most of these resolutions are thrown to the winds at most by the end of the first month as though it was never even made

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2022 is here, a brand New Year and friends, siblings, and work colleagues are already bugging us the tall list of resolutions they have on their 2022 vision board. Anyways, it is not completely a surprising thing, It's called the "New Year, New me" syndrome.

For some people, the enthusiastic jokes( quirky resolutions) were 2021 rolled over and have been given way to a fresh set in 2022.

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It is funny how willfully clueless we were because this past year hasn’t been much better with regards to staying true to our resolutions if we’re being honest, all too often felt like it would never end.

10 Common New Year Resolutions Most Ghanaians Hilariously Throw Away after January
New Year resolutions. source: instagram/@resolutions
Source: Instagram

Just to make it clear, we are not saying these resolutions ain't attainable. They are very much possible to achieve with the right mindset. And that kind of mindset means we have had to back our goals for the New Year with actions. A little less “new year, new me” and more “new year, more input" this 2022.

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The quirky New Year’s resolutions for 2022

1. Body workout Goals

It's the most common resolution most people share in common. Believe me, January is one of the moments gym subscription surges. Everyone goes to find a gym to register to meet this goal. Attendance also looks good until week two ends. I bet you, they will not be able to .remember where their workout glooves are after January.

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2. Diet Check

"I'm really going to give much attention to my diet this year. Cut off carbs, late-night eating, and do much organic food", they always say. Wait until you find them queuing at the late-night waakye joint.

3. My Bible and I

The 'Crife' folks. For most Christians, a new year means resetting their walk of faith with God. They start off with photos of New Year's church service and scriptural captions to score with. Surprisingly, they ignore church calls after missing out on twelve (12) Sunday services.

4. Being Time Conscious

For students, the goal is to make it to every class or lecture and do that on time. For workers, it is waking up early to beat traffic and get tasks done on time. After January, they mute their alarm clock if they do not disable it entirely.

5. Self-love goals

When a New Year comes, people become preachers of self-love and assure themselves they won't put anyone or anything before their peace and happiness until they start weeping in videos that go viral about their heartbreaks.

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6. Go Vegan

Please before you are so sure of cutting off meat and doing fish and greens make sure you are really staying away from the Kebab seller.

7. Read books

It is funny how people deceive themselves with the number of books they want to read in a year but end up spending all their moments on social media leaving them with null books read.

8. Unfollow lots of people on social media and re-invent their image is what they say until they realise they have added up a lot of unnecessary people and pages and actually stayed the same way.

9. Cultivate the confidence of Nana Aba Amoah without the tone-deafness of Kanye West.

10. Live my best life and only invest their monies in things that will make them better until Louis Vuitton makes the deduction for the pants they bought from their accounts.

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