World Breaker Hulk: origin, abilities, and things he can do that regular Hulk can't

World Breaker Hulk: origin, abilities, and things he can do that regular Hulk can't

Hulk is one of the famous characters in Marvel comics, and he is widely known for his incredible strength. He is often singled out as the strongest character among the respective superstars in various Marvel production. He has several iterations that made him very powerful, one of which is the World Breaker Hulk.

World Breaker Hulk
The Hulk explodes with anger, absorbing all of the radiation on Sakaar. Photo: @_MrRockNRoll
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What is Hulk World Breaker? The World break Hulk is another version of the orange Hulk formed due to him being abandoned by the Illuminati group on a foreign planet known as Sakaar. However, after a misfortune in his newly found planet, he absorbed the entire planet’s radiation as well as the so-called old power.

The old power has enormous energy that flows through Sakaar, thus transforming Hulk into a World Breaker Hulk. He returned to the earth full of power to seek revenge, and now, the concern has been, "Who can beat World Breaker Hulk?"

Origin of World Breaker Hulk

The World Breaker Hulk is the same Hulk featured in the Marvel comics titled Planet Hulk, written by Greg Park. However, this iteration of Hulk is acknowledged as the strongest green Goliath superhero Marvel has ever created. The origin of World breaker is a fascinating story that amazes fans.

At the beginning of Planet Hulk, the unthinkable was done to Hulk because of the threat he poses to the earth. As a result, he was considered dangerous in Las Vegas by the Illuminati group. The Illuminati is a secret society of Marvel's most prominent thinkers and political leaders.

It is led by Reed Richards and other powerful superheroes such as Professor Xavier, Namor, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, and Black Bolt. They developed a plan to send Hulk away to another planet by tricking him into entering a spacecraft.

The spacecraft was sent to space, and it crashed into another planet known as Sakaar. Hulk is enslaved and forced to become a gladiator to entertain the planet's tyrannical ruler, the Red King. Together with Caiera, the Hulk eventually defeats the Red King and becomes a hero to the people in his new home. He starts a family with Caiera, who later becomes pregnant.

Afterwards, a tragedy happens that makes Hulk lose his wife and unborn child. The antimatter warp core engine of the ship that brought him to Sakaar detonates in a massive explosion, destroying the whole city and killing Caiera.

He explodes with anger, absorbing all of the radiation on Sakaar and the Old Power of the planet, which flowed through Caiera. This makes him exceptionally strong, as he becomes World Breaker Hulk. Then, fueled by anger, he returns to the earth in a fury that literally shook the world.

World Breaker Hulk
World Breaker Hulk absorbed all of the radiation on Sakaar and the Old Power of the planet to become exceptionally strong. Photo: @TheFunSizeGuy
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What are World Breaker Hulk's abilities?

Before becoming a World Breaker Hulk, Dr Bruce Banner was regarded as the greatest scientific mind. But, unfortunately, any known intelligence test cannot measure his mental ability. Below are some other unique abilities he possesses:

  • He is verse and an expert in several fields ranging from biology, chemistry, engineering, physiology, and nuclear physics. He created a teleporter and Bannertech to protect him against entities' attacks.
  • Hulk possesses incredible resistance. His green skin, reinforced by gamma rays that gave him his colour, allows him to withstand extremely violent shocks and blows. Even if he is injured, the Hulk's tissues regenerate at a very high speed.
  • While Hulk may not have true psychic powers, he still possesses a rare ability to resist them.
  • The character can perceive astral forms, such as those of Professor Xavier and Doctor Strange.
  • Due to the misfortune in his newly found planet, the character absorbs the entire planet's radiation as well as the so-called Old Power.
  • With the thunderclap and radiation that flows out of him, he could destroy the whole world.

World Breaker Hulk vs Thanos

The credit always goes to Hulk when it comes to strength in combats due to his fierce energy. However, no one can compare World Breaker Hulk with Thanos and decide by only looking at their strength. Before drawing any comparisons, it is essential to note that the power of Hulk is directly proportional to his level of anger and iteration.

Also, there are many things that this character can do which the regular Hulk cannot. This makes him thrash out several heroes in the Marvel comic such as Avengers, Arm'Chedon, Fantastic Four, Bi-Beast, and Fin Fang Foom during the World War crossover.

Some of such abilities include the radiation he emits from his body can make an entire city uninhabitable, coupled with his special powers, such as his Thunder Clap, which can create a shockwave of destruction to eradicate entire cities.

In addition, several special powers have been unleashed on Hulk, including the Black Bolt's ultimate scream, which is strong enough to level a mountain range, and it did not affect him.

Despite all of these, it still will not be a clear victory when Thanos and Hulk go head-to-head. Thanos is undoubtedly the only character in Marvel comics to withstand the newfound strength of World Breaker Hulk if they go toe-toe.

Even though Thanos possesses extraordinary stamina to fight forever, teleporting ability, and fire-off waves of force, he is super intelligent and a strategist in battles.

World Breaker Hulk
Hulk possesses incredible resistance, like his green skin reinforced by gamma rays. Photo: @greenseeker1
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However, it is essential to note that Thanos is not unstoppable, especially with World Breaker Hulk. All of his unique power definitely will give him an edge in combat. Still, he also has an advantage with his radiative energy, which might not be enough to eradicate Thanos, but it might be enough to hurt him seriously.

Also, the continuous anger of the character when he is hurt makes him stronger, which is similar to the eternal endurance of Thanos in battle. Therefore, both Marvel comics will give their best in combat, and Hulk will certainly not give up.

How strong is World Breaker Hulk?

The truth is that the extent of Hulk's strength is not yet known to be categorised as unlimited. Thus, he is seen as more powerful than almost all the stars in the Marvel comic. All of these are a result of his rage and the radiation flowing from him.

He is so strong that merely walking on the earth can cause it to shatter. So, is your concern, "who can beat World Breaker Hulk?" Remember that the newly found power of Hulk made him extraordinarily stronger than any supervillain.

Is World Breaker Hulk the strongest Hulk?

This question is ubiquitous among Marvel comic fans. At the same time, other iterations of Hulk are powerful, especially the Space Punisher Hulk, which is considered the strongest character of all the Hulk. But he is from an alternative universe, and he is not a superhero.

Therefore, this character is still the strongest. He demonstrated his abilities when defeating the Red King, a character no one could defeat before. Also, he has defeated several other supervillains with ease and skills.

Who defeated World Breaker Hulk?

The overpowering rage of the character releases enormous energy that endangers the earth. Finally, however, Stark initiated a series of weaponised satellites that opened fire on the Hulk, leaving him unconscious in his Bruce Banner form.

The Shield later imprisoned Banner in a facility three miles underground, with the other Warbound members having been taken into the US military custody.

In the World Breaker Hulk comic, Hulk is one of the most popular and strongest superheroes. Each of his personalities exists in the mind of Bruce Banner, capable of independently expressing their opinions or trading for control of the wise doctor's body. However, you might not know that the character is a hero with more abilities than just hitting hard.

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