20 interesting gender reveal ideas to try in 2022 and make your event unforgettable

20 interesting gender reveal ideas to try in 2022 and make your event unforgettable

Modern parents-to-be make a big deal out of pregnancies and do everything possible to make the experience memorable. Some choose different avenues to enjoy those nine months, from pregnancy announcements to photoshoots and hosting baby showers or gender reveal parties. They find the best gender reveal ideas to make their events unforgettable.

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Gender reveal parties are becoming popular by the day, and it is something you can consider doing if you’re expectant. The idea behind it is to let family and friends know the sex of the baby, whether it is a boy or a girl. You can use several gender reveal party ideas to set up yours and make the event unforgettable.

20 interesting gender reveal ideas

Enjoying the pregnancy journey is making memories that will live with you even when the baby is finally born. And, what way to do this other than having a gender reveal party. One way to make it unforgettable is by using any of this 20 unique gender reveal ideas.

1. Pop the belly dartboard

The good idea is to play an interactive game-like pop the belly dartboard to reveal the baby's gender. To play this game, fasten balloons filled with paint to aboard. One of the balloons should be filled with either blue or pink paint, then the rest with white paint.

Proceed to test your guests’ aim and see who will pop the balloon with blue or pink paint first. Whoever pops that balloon will have revealed the baby’s gender. It’s best to play this game outdoors since paints are messy.

2. Gender reveal scratch-off cards

Among the cute gender reveal ideas you can use in your party is having scratch-off cards. Everyone is a winner with this one because all the guests need to do is scratch the card to know if you’re expecting a boy or girl. You can use whatever message on the scratch-off card to reveal the gender, but it has to be clear if it’s a boy or girl.

3. Gender reveal play-doh

It’s a great gender reveal idea for family, especially if you already have a child/children. This mystery dough is the perfect way to reveal to little ones if they’re getting a brother or a sister! The Play-Doh appears white upon arrival, but as you start to play with it, it turns blue or pink to reveal the baby’s sex.

4. What’s the scoop? cake topper

Let your guest participate in your gender reveal party by having an ice-cream themed party. You’ll give guests the scoop to reveal the baby’s gender.

5. Smoke bombs

gender reveal ideas
Smoke bombs gender reveal idea. Photo: @DevaWilliamson
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Smoke bombs have been used for gender reveals repeatedly, but it's an exciting way to do one. First, gather your friends around you in an open outdoor setting for a dramatic effect. Then, let someone set off a pink or blue smoke bomb, and you’ll have a photo-worthy reveal. This well-liked gender reveal idea has proven to be a hit time and time again!

6. Candy-filled gender reveal cake

What’s a party with a cake? Since it’s something you can’t miss at the party, you might as well use it for a gender reveal. If you’re looking for simple gender reveal ideas to use, then you can have a candy-filled cake. You can have candy-like M&M stuffed in the cake so that when the cake is cut, they spill out and Viola! The gender of the baby is revealed.

7. Treasure hunt

This is a fun way to disclose the gender, but keep it short and simple, so the mother doesn’t get too tired. Plant some gender clues in the couple’s house or backyard before the party starts. As soon as the party begins, instruct the pair to enter the location and follow the clues.

8. Fireworks

Fireworks are not only for Christmas or New Year, but you can also use them in your gender reveal party. Gather friends and family around and set off blue or pink fireworks to have a baby gender reveal. Blue fireworks mean a boy is on the way, while pink fireworks mean a girl is on the way.

9. Gender reveal photoshoot

Photos are known to preserve memories that will stay with us forever. You can make your gender reveal unforgettable by having a photographer take pictures of you at your gender reveal party. This way, you will never forget how it was getting or sharing the news of your baby's gender and how much fun you had.

You can also do a gender reveal photoshoot with your partner separately and announce the gender to family and friends using the photos. Get as creative as you can with the shoot to make the day and pictures memorable.

10. Gender reveal paint guns

To engage in the gender reveal idea, the proud parents-to-be can wear white to their gender reveal party and have friends armed with paint guns. The paint guns should be filled with pink or blue paint, splashed on the expecting parents. It’s a creative gender reveal idea for guests to know if it’s a boy or girl.

11. Gender-reveal punch

Make your party enjoyable by doing a baby gender reveal through a drink. Guest will know what you're having through the drink they're served. If they get served pink lemonade, it is a baby girl. Serving the Blue Hawaiian punch would mean you're expecting a baby boy

12. Gender reveal cake pops

gender reveal ideas
Gender reveal cake pops. Photo: @JennyGalloway
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Treats are a fun way to come up and get creative with cute baby reveal ideas. The delicious-looking cake pops have both pink and blue on the outside, but once you take a bite, you’ll be able to see the pink or blue cake inside. Therefore, you’ll tell if it’s a boy or girl.

13. Gender reveal cupcakes

It is a cute gender reveal idea for a party. Bake a cake or cupcakes with pink or blue food colouring in the centre to play up the "bun in the oven" pun. Place the treat(s) back in the oven once it has cooled for safekeeping. Gather everyone in the kitchen for the big reveal, then open the oven and pull out your cake.

14. Confetti popper

A festive atmosphere will be good for your gender reveal party, and confetti poppers can do that for you. Stash up gender revel poppers in either pink or blue, then have your guest give them a good tug. Alternatively, you can have two, one for you and another one for your partner. Set off the poppers amidst the crowd of guests to feel like you’re in a parade.

15. Vote in the gender reveal election

Doing this makes the party engaging and memorable to you and the guests. Set up an election-themed gender reveal party the allow your visitors to vote. Once you’ve gone through the votes, you can announce the baby’s gender. This sure sounds like a fun idea you can adopt for your event.

16. Old wives tale quiz party game

Go through each of these old wives’ tales to try and predict the gender of the baby. You will see how accurate they are when you do the big reveal. Check out all the detail that this idea came from because they sent guests on a fun scavenger hunt for their big reveal!

17. Balloon pop

It’s one of the classic gender reveal ideas for family. Fill black balloons with confetti in pink or blue! As you pop the balloon and release the colourful confetti, gather your family and friends around you. This will be a hit with your loved ones.

gender reveal ideas
Balloon pop gender reveal. Photo: @juanencalada
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18. Cotton candy booth

Cotton candy can be used to announce the gender of your baby if you’re seeking a tasty treat. All you need to do is set up a booth with blue and pink cotton candy sticks. Let the guest pick one which they think is the baby's gender. You can later confirm if you're expecting a boy or girl.

19. Gender reveal box and balloon release

Whether you’re throwing a gender reveal party or want to surprise family members who live far away, these gender reveal box ideas can come in handy. Fill a large decorated box with pink or blue helium-filled balloons, then unbox the balloons and reveal your gender during your gender reveal party! To protect our environment, don’t let them loose in the air.

20. Gender reveal party themes

Gender reveals can also be made simple by just using themes. You can use themes of anything, but it's better to use a theme the expecting parents are familiar with or like. The beauty of themes is they allow you to get as creative as possible with the colours, decor and decoration. Having a unique theme can make the gender reveal party unforgettable.

There are countless ways and ideas you can use to reveal a baby’s gender, but you should always go for the ones that will make it unforgettable. Unique gender reveal ideas include using smoke bombs, cutting a candy-filled cake, popping balloons and popping the belly dartboard, among others listed above.

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