The Bisexual flag: History, meaning, flag colours, interesting facts

The Bisexual flag: History, meaning, flag colours, interesting facts

The talk of bisexuality was once considered a taboo subject that society avoided. However, as time passed and communities modernised, so did attitudes toward the matter. Well, bisexuals have a pride banner, known as the bisexual flag. Do you know what it symbolizes?

Bisexual flag
The Bisexual flag. Photo: @bisexualindex
Source: Twitter

What is bisexuality? It is the sexual attraction of a person to two or more genders. Such people are sexually or romantically attracted to people of the opposite gender and their own. In addition, they can be in long-term same-sex or heterosexual relationships.

What is the bisexual flag?

The bi flag is a symbol of visibility inspired by the rainbow banner. It was created in 1998 by activist Michael Page, who used the colours of existing bi triangle symbols to make the flag.

Michael posted the design on the now-defunct Bi Cafe website, and it quickly went viral.

What does the bi flag look like?

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The bisexual pride flag is pink on top and royal blue on the bottom, with an overlapping purple stripe in the centre.

What are the bisexual flag colours?

The bisexual pride banner comprises a large magenta stripe (40%), a thin lavender stripe (20%), and a broad blue stripe (40%).

What do the colours of the bisexual flag represent?

What does pink, purple and blue flag symbolise? According to the pennant creator, this is what the colours mean.

  • The pink hue illustrates the sexual attraction to the same sex only, i.e. gay and lesbian.
  • The blue defines sexual attraction to the opposite sex only, i.e. straight.
  • The resulting overlap hue purple represents sexual attraction to both sexes, i.e. bi-sexual.

How much does the bisexual flag cost?

According to Amazon, the bi pride flag costs $777 for the 3 x 5-foot version.

What is the symbol for bisexuality?

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Bisexual flag
The biangles. Photo: @NYABN
Source: Twitter

It comprises pink, blue, and lavender triangles and interlocking biological symbols (male and female). The symbols are known as biangles and were designed by artist Liz Nania in 1987.

Nania layered pink and blue triangles for each gender binary's poles. As a result, their overlap area has a rich purple colour that Nania created by combining pink and blue.

This overlap promotes inclusivity in terms of the potentially adored by utilising powerful LGBTQ iconography.

Nania got inspiration from the oppression in N*zi camps, where homosexuals and lesbians were tagged using triangles. For example, they used a pink triangle to identify male homosexuals, while lesbians and sex workers were grouped using a black triangle.

What is the trans flag?

Bisexual flag
Activists of the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Transv*stite, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community participated in a march against homophobia on June 1, 2018. Photo: Cris Faga
Source: Getty Images

The transgender flag is a pent-colour pride banner with light blue, pink, and white stripes representing the transgender community.

What pride emojis are there?

Currently, according to Emojipedia, the only pride emojis listed are 26. Here they are below:

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  • Partying face
  • Sparkling heart
  • Child
  • Person
  • Older person
  • People with bunny ears
  • ‍Men with bunny ears ‍♂️
  • ‍Women with bunny ears ‍♀️
  • ‍‍ People holding hands ‍‍
  • Women holding hands
  • Men holding hands
  • Kiss
  • ‍Kiss: Woman, man ‍❤️‍‍
  • ‍Kiss: Man, man ‍❤️‍‍
  • Couple with heart
  • ‍Couple with heart: Man, man ‍❤️‍
  • ‍Couple with heart: Woman, woman ‍❤️‍
  • Rainbow
  • Sparkles ✨
  • Party popper
  • Confetti ball
  • Female sign ♀️
  • Male sign ♂️
  • Transgender symbol ⚧️
  • ️‍ Rainbow flag ️‍
  • Transgender flag ️‍⚧️

Unfortunately, the bisexual flag emoji is missing and hasn't been added yet.

However, if you are interested in finding any Bi+ related media, you'll be glad to learn that the bisexual flag wallpaper exists.

The bisexual flag represents the freedom to express one's sexuality. Since its inception, 24 years ago, the pennant has served as a source of identification for bisexual people. In addition, during events and rallies, the flag has made it easier for communities like Bi + to come out and connect.

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