Who is Jake Paul's girlfriend? More about the social media personality and boxer's dating history

Who is Jake Paul's girlfriend? More about the social media personality and boxer's dating history

Jake Paul is a celebrity YouTuber, actor, and boxer with a couple of exes, which has seen him move from one threshold of popularity to another. Nevertheless, who Jake Paul's girlfriend is has become a question of interest to many fans considering he has been in several broken relationships in the past.

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Jake Paul and his girlfriend, Julian. Photo: @jakepaul
Source: Instagram

Jake Paul's dating history is one of the things that has kept him on the spotlight, besides his popularity as a YouTuber and actor. His current girlfriend has been with him for close to two years, although they have had a couple of breaks and come back together. Unfortunately, most of Paul's relationships hardly clocks a year of smooth sailing before they hit rock bottom.

How many girlfriends did Jake Paul have?

In his 25 years of existence, the celebrity YouTuber has been romantically involved with several ladies. So, who has Jake Paul dated? Below is a look at some of the women who have shared a love story with the social media personality:

1. Saxon Sharbino

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Saxon Sharbino. Photo: @saxon
Source: Instagram

This is one of Jake Paul's ex-girlfriends. She dated the YouTuber back in 2014, although the lovers did not make much of a public display of affection during their dating period.

The 22-year-old American actress has featured in a couple of television series and movies. She was eight years old when she first appeared on TV. Saxon and the celebrity YouTuber broke up for unknown reasons, but they have remained buddies since then. They had an interview together back in 2017. She is now dating fellow actor Pierson Fodé.

2. Kellie Stewart

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Kellie Stewart is a fashion model and social media personality from America. Photo: @kelliemstewart
Source: Twitter

Kellie and the celebrity boxer dated sometime in 2014, and the boxer is said to have publicised it on his social media page at the time. However, most people in public know nothing about the reasons they broke up just a couple of months afterwards.

3. Alissa Violet

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Alissa and Jake were colleagues in the Team 10 company that the celebrity YouTuber started for Vloggers and Youtubers. Photo: @alissaviolet
Source: Instagram

There is no version of Jake Paul's girlfriend's list that this lady should be omitted because the romance between them was so hot it burned the lovers at some point.

The two started as colleagues in the Team 10 company that the celebrity YouTuber started for Vloggers and Youtubers. They started dating while living under the same roof, but a couple of months later, Alissa uploaded a video of her bags packed with a caption about being kicked out by Jake.

Jake countered by defending his action as a reaction to Alissa cheating on him with his older brother, Logan, which Alissa denied in an uploaded video.

She went on to date Faze Banks, a rapper. A couple of years later, after Jake accused her new boyfriend of assaulting his assistant, Alissa denied the allegation on behalf of her new lover. Furthermore, she accused the actor of assaulting her while they were dating.

4. Tessa Brooks

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Tessa was Alissa's close associate as she was also a member of Team 10. Photo: @tessabrooks
Source: Instagram

Tessa was Alissa's close associate as she was also a member of Team 10 like the latter. Therefore, it was shocking when rumours that Jake and Tessa were lovers went around, especially since Alissa had just ended things with the YouTuber.

The rumour was confirmed when Tessa declared that she was leaving the group in 2018 and subtly added a part about how she moved from the group and Jake, describing it as a bittersweet experience.

5. Taela Dunn

ake Paul's girlfriend
Fans believe Taela and the YouTuber dated because they kissed in one of the YouTuber's videos. Photo: @ttlyteala
Source: Instagram

There is no exact proof of whether Taela and the YouTuber dated or not. Some people thought this lady was Jake's girlfriend because they kissed in one of the YouTuber's videos. However, others believe it couldn't be so since the lady was once associated with Logan.

6. Erika Costell

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Erika Costell. Photo: @erikacostell
Source: Instagram

What started as a fake relationship to boost views from fans on their social media platforms soon became real that they couldn't shake the feelings off. Erika and Jake even pretended to be wedded and travelled on a honeymoon for this stunt, but fate proved itself to be the master prankster by making them fall for each other.

They broke up in 2018 for reasons best known to themselves, but a year later, while the boxer was married to Tana Mongeau, they were pictured having lunch together.

7. Tana Mongeau

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Tana Mongeau. Photo: @tanamongeau
Source: Instagram

Tana and Jake's relationship was the epitome of a public display of affection. The duo was always fussing and gushing over each other, and the public could hardly have enough of them. The romance was said to have begun sometime in 2019, with Tana posting a picture of herself in the boxer's bed.

Their romance eventually led to a marriage in July 2019. However, by the 2nd of January, 2020, the lovebirds shared a post about their estrangement and the need to take a break apart.

8. Julia Rose

Jake Paul's girlfriend
Julia is presently known to be the YouTuber's girlfriend. Photo: @JuliaRose_33
Source: Twitter

Does Jake Paul have a GF? Julia is the most recent on the list of Jake Paul's girlfriend's names. They met sometime towards the end of 2019, and according to the boxer, he fell in love with her in less than six minutes. She had appeared in one of his music videos before they went deeper into their love affair.

They went almost everywhere together, including to his fight venues, and they became a public celebrity couple at some point. However, rumours had it that Julia Rose and Jake Paul broke up a few days after they went public. A snapshot from the YouTuber showing both of them together disparaged the rumours.

Later, the younger Paul rented a billboard space to beg Julia to make a U-turn from dumping him. It is not known if this is just another stunt in the celebrity YouTuber's book of pranks. Nonetheless, it looks as though Jake caught her attention with his billboard stunt as the duo are more into each other now than before.

Is Jake Paul married?

The wealthy boxer and occasional actor is currently unmarried, though he has been married twice as a prank or a gesture of true love. With Jake, one can only hope that he doesn't have more marital tricks up his sleeves, as this may be enough to make anyone lose hope in the prospect of him getting married.

What is Jake Paul's GF name?

Currently, Jake Paul's girlfriend's name is Julia Rose, considering how close they seem to have gotten into each other. Going by their post on their separate Instagram pages, one can only assume that the lovebirds enjoy each other's company. They celebrated valentine together in the most romantic ways and sent the internet into a frenzy with some of the pictures they shared online.

Any girl who officially becomes Jake Paul's girlfriend and possibly his life partner will likely meet a changed personality despite his failed relationships. Hopefully, his current girlfriend, Julia Rose, is experiencing this.

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