Twin flame vs soulmate: What is the difference between the two?

Twin flame vs soulmate: What is the difference between the two?

The feeling of being loved gives off specific energy that allows the receiver to believe that they are not alone, even in their most turbulent periods. However, when romantic love is what a person is looking for, then the twin flame vs soulmate relationship becomes essential.

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Twin flame vs soulmate
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The twin flame vs soulmate conversation is an everyday discourse for individuals who want to understand the workings of their love life. Questions regarding these two phenomena are interesting because they touch the areas of spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional connections.

Twin flame and soulmate: What are they?

Have you ever met a stranger and felt an almost magnetic pull towards them? Something is responsible for that. It explains the reality of the theory of soulmates and twin flames, which are described below:

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What is a twin flame?

The twin flame is mainly defined as two individuals whose connection is soulful. According to a professional tarot reader who deals in the interpretation of Twin flame cards, this phenomenon is the division of one soul into equal halves.

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Individuals who experience this sort of connection can identify each other immediately because the core of frequency they radiate is the same. They will see each other, and most have this intense and persistent urge to be one with their twin. There is a deep feeling of telepathy, and these individuals can usually complete each other's thoughts and sentences.

When a person meets their twin flame, they feel a deep sense of emotional, physical, and most importantly, spiritual synchronisation. They will be drawn to each other because they will realise that their experiences are the same, irrespective of their distance.

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The phenomenon cuts across ethnicity and race. In fact, an individual could be an African, and their twin flame is an Indian or an American. The parties will have to find and bring themselves together, which may seem an arduous task at first. However, both parties' energy into the universe will help them accomplish this.

twin flame meaning
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However, can your twin flame be your true love? Yes, this is usually the case for this type of phenomenon. It is a Yin and Yang situation, mainly between males and females. The people experiencing this will be so passionate and intentional about each other that it ultimately leads to romance and a blissful union.

What is a soulmate?

The emotions that soul mates feel are similar to those in the twin flames, but the connectivity is on a lower threshold. A soulmate is someone whose presence the other is comfortable with, even if they are only meeting for the first time.

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According to some experts, a person's soulmate is not necessarily their romantic partner. It could be a close friend, distant relative, or immediate family. It is also imperative to note that it is possible to have more than one soulmate in a lifetime.

What is a soulmate connection? The relationship birthed by this connection is void of irreconcilable differences; it is usually easy and enjoyable without hopeless dramas.

Differences between a soulmate and twin flame

The soulmate vs twin flame conversation is usually energetic since the two phenomena are. Therefore, most people participating in this discussion will want to know which is better, twin flame or soulmate? Interestingly, the answer varies from person to person because not everyone can experience both.

Nevertheless, the characteristics that separate the twin flame from the soulmate are as follows:

  • Twin flames usually have a romantic relationship, while soulmates may be friends, lovers or family.
  • In twin flames, both individuals are keen on spirituality, and it is the only reason why they can radiate easily recognisable energies, while soulmates do not have to be avant-garde of spirituality.
  • The twin flame happens when a single soul is split into two halves while a soulmate is just two distinct people who recognise their attraction.
  • Soulmates deal with similarities, while twin flames are all about exactness.
  • Twin flames lead to spiritual awakening and evolution while soulmates enjoy growth and a sense of physical and emotional fulfilment.
  • Almost everyone has a soulmate, but only a few people who have achieved a higher degree of spirituality in this lifetime or previous ones will recognise their twin flame.

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How do you know if you found your soulmate or twin flame?

One can tell if they are experiencing their soulmate or twin flame when they check out the primary differences between the two phenomena. As stated in the preceding subheading, the spiritual connection is the most important criteria to look out for in these relationships.

Twin flame vs soulmate
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Karmic relationship vs twin flame

Another type of relationship is birthed from a spiritual connection between two people. As the name implies, this association is based on the consequences and rewards of a person's previous and current life.

This relationship is manifested to help a person learn a lesson about whatever good or/and wrong actions they have put out into the universe.

A karmic relationship is usually filled with emotional, verbal, psychological, and physical violence. Of the two individuals in this type of association, only one person is meant to learn a hard lesson and awaken spiritually to a higher sense of consciousness.

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The essence of the karmic relationship is to help the one experiencing it make restitution for some of their wrongdoings and reconcile the "whys" with the "hows." In the end, the greatest reward for the one who experienced this sort of relationship is knowing what kind of relationship to maintain and the one to do away with.

Differences between karmic relationship and twin flame

The similarities of both phenomena are also linked to their distinctive features. This is so because, as much as they are both spiritual, only one of them is worthwhile when pursued. The karmic relationship brings little or no form of pleasure. All it does is foster unhealthy emotions and dish out hard lessons.

However, the relationship fostered by the meeting of twin flames is majorly sweet after the people involved must have dealt with some of the downsides of their exact nature.

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The concept of twin flame vs soulmate can be tricky, but when an individual fully understands their distinctive features, they can tell which one they are experiencing at every stage of their lives. Nevertheless, anyone struggling to define their feeling should not feel bad because the discourse has spiritual overtones.

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