Who are the most evil people in history and what did they do? A list of the top 10

Who are the most evil people in history and what did they do? A list of the top 10

Across heritage, a few of the most despicable monsters have existed. Such men and women are responsible for some of the most heinous and terrifying crimes ever undertaken. They have been involved in killings, wars, the holocaust, and brutality towards innocent souls. They are, in fact, the most evil people in history.

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Most evil people in history
Photo: Chip, Keytone, Hulton (modified by author)
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The evilest people in history are devoid of humanity and compassion toward others. Many such despicable monsters have committed heinous crimes globally, whereas others have harmed their surroundings. Some did not undertake the crimes themselves but used their devotees to carry them out on their behalf.

10 most evil people in history

Infamous evil men and women have significantly contributed to the world's most heinous crimes. While not in any particular order, the following are some of history's most evil people. So, who were the cruelest people in history??

1. Adolf Hitler

Most evil people in history
German dictator Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945) on board a ferry in the Baltic Sea. Photo: Keystone
Source: Getty Images

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Adolf Hitler was the most feared person in history. He was a German political figure of Austrian origin who ruled Germany from 1933 till his demise in 1945. He accelerated to authority as the head of the Naz* Party, initially as chancellor in 1933 and then as Führer und Reichskanzler in 1934.

He started World War II in Europe during his dictatorship by invading Poland on 1 September 1939. Throughout the battle, he was intimately associated with military activities and was core to the holocaust, the mass murder of approximately six million Jews and millions of other victims. He was the most evil man in history documentary.

2. Joseph Stalin

Most evil people in history
Soviet leader Joseph Stalin reports to the 8th All-Union Congress of Soviets on the draft Constitution of the USSR. Photo: Hulton-Deutsch Collection
Source: Getty Images

Who was the most cruel person in the world? Joseph Stalin. During his reign as dictator of the USSR, he seized control of vast tracts of land. He assassinated millions of farmers who refused to surrender their land, and this caused famine throughout Russia, killing millions more.

During his dictatorial regime, Stalin enlarged the private law enforcement officers, incentivized civilians to conduct surveillance on one another, and had millions murdered or taken to the labour camp.

3. Pol Pot

Most evil people in history
Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge, in the Cambodian jungle with an ABC news team during an interview. Filed.
Source: Getty Images

Who was the most evil ruler of all time? Pol Pot, the ruthless commander of the Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian communist party, was another awful bast*rd who caused millions of deaths. From 1963 to 1981, he was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.

To establish a one-party state, Pol Pot compelled many people to relocate from cities to farms to become government employees. Those who disobeyed his orders were killed, and many died of diseases while operating on the farms. During his period of terror, it is estimated that 1.5 to 3 million individuals were murdered.

4. Saddam Hussein

Most evil people in history
Saddam Hussein in Amman, Jordan. Photo: Chip HIRES
Source: Getty Images

Saddam Hussein reigned Iraq with an oppressive regime and had aspirations of governing over a consolidated Arab Empire in his thoughts at all times. He penetrated Iran and Kuwait without provocation, destroying his military and economy.

Many people were killed through his commands. He abused and tortured his opponents and their children. Saddam was found guilty of crimes against compassion and sentenced to execution by an Iraqi court on 5 November 2006.

5. Kim Jong Il

Most evil people in history
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il looks on during a meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ahead of talks in the Eastern city of Ulan Ude, Russia. Photo: Sasha Mordovets
Source: Getty Images

Kim Jong Il was one of the worst dictators since Joseph Stalin. When he took power in 1994, he acquired an impoverished North Korea with a full-fledged famine starving his citizens. Rather than assisting them, he used the country's funds to build the world's fifth-largest military, causing millions of his citizens to die of hunger.

He duped the US into providing him with nuclear technology to build nuclear weapons. He tormented South Korea with menaces, a bombing run in Myanmar, the assassination of South Korean officials, and submerged one of their submarines.

6. Idi Amin

Most evil people in history
Ugandan soldier, dictactor and head of state (1971 - 1978) General Idi Amin. Photo: Keystone
Source: Getty Images

In 1971, General Idi Amin deposed elected formal Milton Obote and decreed himself president of Uganda. For more than eight years, he imposed a brutal regime that expelled 70,000 Asians, massacred 300,000 civilians, and brought the country to its knees. He was deposed in 1979 but never faced justice for his crimes, spending the rest of his life in Saudi Arabia.

7. Mao Zedong

Most evil people in history
Mao Tse Toung (1893-1976), Chinese president, was here during the review of the army of The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Pekin. Photo: Apic
Source: Getty Images

For 27 years, China's communist party leader sculpted his place in Chinese history. Mao Zedong founded Maoism and was the forefather of the People's Republic of China (PRC), which he governed until his death.

During his reign, 40 to 80 million people perished due to starvation, prison labour, persecution, and executions. Anyone who opposed Mao and his approach to life was imprisoned or executed.

8. Heinrich Himmler

Most evil people in history
Himmler In Germany During Forties Photo: Keystone-France
Source: Getty Images

He was the SS's leader and the driving force behind the final solution to the Jewish question: the destruction of all Jews in Europe. Himmler had ordered the murder of approximately 6 million Jews, 200 to 500 thousand Russians, and many other groups deemed unworthy of life by the Naz*s.

9. Ivan the Terrible

Most evil people in history
Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich 'the Terrible' (1530-84) 1897. Photo: Art Images
Source: Getty Images

Ivan the Terrible was Russia's first supreme leader. Despite his intelligence, he was prone to anger because of his mental illness. During one of them, he assassinated his successor to the throne.

He had a penchant for dismembering, beheading, incinerating, suffocating, frying, blinding and decapitating people. He saw enemies, even among his friends. Over 60,000 people were executed by torture during the Novgorod Massacre.

10. King Leopold II

Most evil people in history
King Leopold II of Belgium (1835 - 1909). Photo: W. & D. Downey
Source: Getty Images

King Leopold II reigned as the second King of Belgium from 1865 to 1909 and as the self-made authoritarian leader of the Congo Free State between 1885 to 1908. The Congo was rich in rubber, and he sought to take advantage of it.

So he used his military forces to terrorize the colony. Although he never stepped foot in the Congo, he tortured and murdered 10 million Congolese citizens. As evidence, he often requested his army to sever the hands of disobedient workers.

Who is the most evil person in the world right now?

Vladimir Putin is a Russian political figure and erstwhile intelligence officer who has served as the country's president since 2012, initially serving from 2000 to 2008. Russia has experienced democratic lapsing and a transition to authoritarian rule under Putin's leadership.

His regime has been marked by widespread corruption and countless human rights violations, such as the imprisonment and suppression of opposition leaders, the harassment and inhibition of autonomous media in Russia, and an absence of democratic and free elections. He also recently launched an ongoing attack in Ukraine.

What are most evil families in history?

The Sackler family established and operated the pharmaceut*cal enterprises Purdue Pharma and Mundipharma in the United States. Purdue Pharma and several family members have been sued for overprescribing addictive pharmaceut*cal dr*gs such as OxyCont*n.

Purdue Pharma has been chastised for contributing to the United States' opioid epidemic. They've been designated as America's most evil family and drug dealers.

Who are the evilest people in history, and what did they do? While the list is not comprehensive, the above are some of the most evil people in history. They are responsible for some of the most heinous and terrifying crimes ever undertaken.

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