20 weird websites that will make you laugh, confused or even freak out

20 weird websites that will make you laugh, confused or even freak out

You can get valuable information, gain knowledge coated with humour, and generally get entertained through websites on the internet. But of course, the internet can sometimes be a weird place where you meet trash and treasure. There are many weird websites to visit with funny and unusual information that is sometimes hidden in their sinister side. These sites are so out of the ordinary that you'll wonder who would invest their time and money to create them.

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As much as the weirdest websites are funny and confusing, one thing that is unique about them is they excel at attracting visitors' attention. After visiting any of these websites, you'll spend most of your time laughing insanely, get traumatized or even confused.

Weird websites that will make you laugh

Visit any of the following 20 weird websites for a guaranteed roller-coaster of feelings from laughter and confusion to freaking out. You will just want to come back again and again for the unique experience.

1. Nooo

Are you frustrated to the point that you want to give a horrible soul-destroying scream but are restricted from doing so in one way or another? Maybe because you are at work, and you may get fired if you do so. Don't worry; Darth Vader's screaming sound will do a thorough job for you.

So put your headphone on, visit Nooo and click the "NOOO" button as many times as you want. This geeky and oddly satisfying website will keep you hooked on it, as weird as it sounds.

2. Don't Click

This is another bizarre website that will warn you not to click. But as you click on the link, it takes you to a page containing senseless statements, and along with it, do not click here. As confusing as it is, you will want to click the link, which will take you to another useless page and so on. Visit Don't Click and escape reality with endless confusing clicks.

3. Pointer Pointer

This peculiar website will strangely blow your mind when you open it. Whenever you click on the links, you will see an unusual picture, and with each move of your mouse and new click, an even weirder image appears on the screen, just pointing at you or something. Pointer Pointer designer must seriously be one freaky weirdo. So add it to your bookmark and take a visit whenever you need to be scared.

4. Weird or Confusing

If there were a prize for funny websites, Weird or Confusing would win it 100 per cent. It is a website that sells the weirdest and most funny items. As crazy as it is, people actually visit the site and buy things.

5. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

weird websites
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You might think you have read and seen it all until you visit this bizarre website whose owner was obsessed with 1. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111's founder must be one crazy person because how can you explain the out-of-ordinary things they post on the website?

For instance, a hilarious picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a woman. There are better places for the celebrity to be seen. Apart from being one of the weird websites to visit when bored, you will question your sanity as to why you just counted all those numbers 1.

6. Zombo

Do you like African accents? Then this is one weird website to visit when bored. The funny part is that although the speaker talks in an English voice, his explanation of Zombo is in an African accent. There is no limit to weirdness, and people still visit the website.

7. Eelslap

After you visit Eelslap, your need to slap an annoying person will just end after watching straight-face slaps on the person on the screen. It is because the repetitive slaps are so widely satisfying to watch, especially when you are agitated.

8. Thats the Finger

This pointless website will just keep moving a pointer showing the middle finger. It can quickly become frustrating to watch, but who would want to just look at a hand showing the middle finger? Visit Thats the Finger to see why many people are still doing it.

9. Procatinator

Do you have a thing for cats? Cat lovers, if the Cat Bounce website does not relax your mind after a long day, then Procatinator will do it for you. Weirdly, you don't have to do anything on this website. Just click the link, and watch cats relaxing along with a nice song that you might not have heard before. The point is that it is a cute website that will undoubtedly excite you.

10. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa

Hands down, Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa is one of the weirdest websites worth adding to your bookmark today. This ridiculous epicentre of the internet has the best jiving ever. It features a He-man singing voice and sincerely speaking; you need to visit this funny website in your spare time.

11. Paper Toilet

weird websites
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Why would someone design a website that only shows a toilet paper roll which wraps and unwraps as you scroll up and down? Undeniably one confusing, funny website, but it weirdly gets to satisfy and instantly calm your running mind. Paper Toilet is worth a click.

12. Drive me Insane

This website is too weird. A sane enough person designs a site that allows you to use home automation just to have fun at someone else's expense. Yes, you read this right, and it's all real. Once you visit Drive me Insane, you will get hooked on it. You will turn the lights, play with the sign on the site and finally get all the visual feedback.

13. CreepyPasta

This bloodcurdling and witty website is a creepy site that will suit you only if you love scary stories and mysteries. Creepy Pasta will get all your attention with the unending pasta strands. Visit this site and be pulled into the bosom of darkness.

14. Fateful Day

The Fateful Day is another seriously disturbing website that weirdos will click from the name to its contents. Does it freak you out to know about your fateful day? The weird site predicts the year you will die.

The predictions are obviously inaccurate, but the question is, are you brave and curious enough to go for it? Discover by visiting the website.

15. Death Row

If you think the previous one was weird, wait until you click on Death Row, where you will learn about the last final dying words of executed offenders. To make it much creepier, these are real people's words and will send shivers down your spine. It seems to be too weird even for the government.

16. Staggering Beauty

weird websites
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Calm and relax your mind by moving your mouse cursor from side to side on this surprisingly weird website. You will find the sound of moving the cursor faster even more satisfying. Staggering Beauty will just take all your attention unapologetically.

17. News of Future

Have you always wanted to time travel into the future and discover what the future holds for you? Then, smile for the News of the Future website. We got you covered. It has all the crucial headlines from the end. You will get a hearty laugh as you get into this world of fantasy, where remarkable things that don't exist become a reality in the future.

18. Endless Horse

No matter how far down you scroll on Endless Horse, you will never reach the end of the page. It is just mind-boggling in a unique way. So visit the site and keep scrolling.

19. Passive Aggressive Passwords

It is a weird website that comes in handy when registering for a website sign-in account. Passive Aggressive Passwords will suggest some quirky prompts that will help you memorize your password. So it makes sense in its useless way.

20. Is it Christmas

Why would someone create a website that tells you whether it is Christmas yet? So if you are as confused, click Is it Christmas, and it will answer 'NO,' but in December, it will respond 'YES.' So for real, there are weird website designers.

The internet contains a handful of popular websites that are bizarre, disturbing, and funny, some that may confuse you and make you question why you would visit them, but one thing is clear; these weird websites will calm your mind and cure your boredom. Furthermore, after looking at these weirdest websites in the world, you will be relieved to know there are other weirdos.

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