What is it with the Amish beard? 10 things that you did not know

What is it with the Amish beard? 10 things that you did not know

As science tells us, facial hair is a masculine feature that starts appearing at puberty under the influence of male hormones. Most adolescent boys notice facial hair between the ages of 13 and 16. However, a full beard is realised later in the adult age. Every facial hair is unique to different people. One common and significant facial hair is the Amish beard, named after the community.

Amish beard
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The Amish beards style is distinct to the community's culture. They grow it to over five to six inches long, connecting to sideburns with no moustache or soul patch. The cheeks and area around the mouth are usually clean-shaven.

Interesting facts about the Amish beard

The community's traditions and beliefs separate them from society and other communities and groups. An example of these traditions is how they grow their facial hair. Here are ten facts about the Amish beard.

1. It is forbidden to have a moustache in the Amish culture

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Why do Amish shave moustaches? According to their culture, a man should have a clean shave off their upper lip and surrounding area. In the 17th century, anyone serving in the military in most parts of Europe needed to grow facial hair. The Amish shaved off their moustaches to distinguish themselves from military men.

2. It is a representation of humility

They are a Christian community and follow bible teachings to dictate their beliefs. Their culture believes that growing their facial hair symbolises their obedience to scripture and its interpretation.

3. It represents pacifism

What does it mean when Amish have beard? The community does not believe in any form of violence, as was seen in the military. To uphold their non-violent belief, they grew the facial hair to set themselves apart from the military, who used to harass the poor.

4. They are grown by married men

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It is worn in place of a wedding ring to signify that the man is married, as they don't hold material things, like wedding rings, in high regard.

5. It is a representation of manhood

This physical feature is used to indicate the transition from being a boy to becoming a man. One is distinguished from the other by the presence or lack of it.

6. It is a sign of their obedience to God's word

black amish beard
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They wear their beard in adherence to God's word. They believe that God commanded manhood to wear facial hair in Leviticus 19:27.

7. Amish don't shave their beard after marriage

As a commitment to their marriage, the men stop shaving their facial hair when they get married. It is grown for the rest of their lives as a sign of how long their marriages last.

8. It's okay if one has trouble growing the facial hair

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There is no rule against not being able to grow one. The rule is not to shave it and not, not to grow it. Therefore, one can still get married even if he is genetically unable to grow one.

9. Their facial hair distinguish them from the military

The military in Europe was required to grow a moustache, while it was mandatory for the Amish to shave it. Being pacifists, the Amish were not allowed to join the military, as it is an institution that revolves around war and violence.

10. Their facial hair differentiates them from everyone else

The way they wear it is distinctive to their culture. The style makes them stand out from the rest. Due to their conservativeness, they don't follow hair fashion trends and are always upholding their beliefs on facial hair.

Why do Amish men have beards?

Apart from using them as a symbol of marriage, they wear them as a symbol of their commitment to their faith and community, in adherence to God's word and as a symbol of their social status and role as husbands and fathers.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the origin of the Amish beard? The Amish grew their facial hair to appear different from the European military men.
  2. What does a beard symbolise in Amish? A man with facial hair shows he is taken. The opposite would mean he is single.
  3. What are the rules of the Amish facial hair? The married men only shave their moustaches and leave out the beard to grow; the unmarried may shave theirs.
  4. What if an Amish can't grow a beard? While it symbolises a married man, no rule exists against one who can't grow it.
  5. What is the Amish beard style called? It is also known as a Shenandoah, a whaler, or a chin curtain.
  6. Why do Amish have beards but not moustaches? Moustaches were mandatory in the army in Europe, so the Amish shaved their moustaches to set themselves apart from the military.
  7. What do long whiskers symbolise? Dignity and wisdom, strength, courage, sexual prowess and high social status.
  8. Why do Amish grow beards when they get married? As a symbol of his commitment to his wife, his children and religion.
  9. Is the Amish beard white? The Shenandoah is often associated with men in their community as they are used to wearing facial hair of this shape. However, it is not limited to their men. You can also find a black beard in other regions.

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The theories surrounding the Amish beard and the community show that humanity is governed by a set of principles and rules, ensuring that the conduct within particular beliefs and regulations are upheld.

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