How to shotgun a beer: tips and tricks to do it like a pro

How to shotgun a beer: tips and tricks to do it like a pro

If you have taken beer with your friends before, chances are you have involved yourself with different beer drinking games. From beer pong to civil war and strawpedo, you have many options of choosing a game that will make you and your friends happy and have fun. But what if you want to impress them by drinking your beer faster in less than ten seconds? Well, you need to know how to shotgun a beer.

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How to shotgun a beer
A person in the process of shotgunning a beer. Photo: @timothycdykes
Source: UGC

Shotgunning is a term used to refer to consuming a beer quickly by punching a sizeable hole in the side of a can near the bottom. You then place your mouth over the hole, pull the tap to open the beer at the top and let the beer drain to your mouth quickly.

The method is almost the same as strawpedoing a beer. However, strawpedoing is for beers in glass bottles and requires a straw. Generally, shotgunning a beer is fun. But if you are new to this, here is how to shotgun a beer.

How to shotgun a beer fast

Sometimes you have to throw class out the window. You want to down beer as far as possible. If you are thinking of shotgunning beer, follow the steps below to learn.

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Buy the right type of beer

If you want to know how to shotgun a beer faster, you have to buy canned beer. Avoid using bottled beer because you cannot punch a hole in the glass. Also, the beer must be light and should not be heavy or flavourful because it can make it challenging to drink it faster.

Place the canned beer horizontally on a table

Place the can horizontally on a table to move the air bubble inside either side of the can. That will prevent you from wasting your beer and give you more room for making a hole.

Punch a hole near the base of the can

In this step, you require a sharp object to create a hole in the can. For example, you can use a corkscrew, knife, or key. The hole should be about an inch from the base of the can.

Avoid punching the metal near the bottom because it is more complex and may not work well. When hitting a hole, do it lightly to avoid piercing both sides of the can.

How to shotgun a beer
A person punching a hole on a beer can with his thumb. Photo: @wilstewart3
Source: UGC

Also, bend the aluminium can opening to avoid the sharp ends created by the object you used to punch a hole. The hole you created should be large enough to make it easier for you to drink your beer. You can increase its size using your finger.

Drink your beer

At this stage, lift the beer can while still horizontal. Place your mouth over the hole you created and ensure to cover it entirely to prevent the beer from dripping out.

While placing your mouth over the hole, tilt the can vertically and place one hand on the tab of the can. Open the tab while the can is still vertical. Consider tilting your head to the side so that the beer flows well.

You can let the beer flow smoothly or increase the speed by su*king the liquid out of the can. Alternatively, tilt your head to a steeper angle to help the beer come out faster. Finally, ensure to take deep breaths before chugging the beer.

How to shotgun a beer with your teeth

You can use your teeth to shotgun a beer. In this case, use your teeth to bite a small hole into the can instead of using a sharp object like a knife, corkscrew, or key. Consider creating the hole slowly to avoid injuring your teeth. Once done, take your index finger and enlarge the hole.

How to shotgun a beer without it spraying

If you want to shotgun a beer without it spraying, ensure you make a hole on the side of your can that is not bigger than your mouth. Also, ensure the bottom part of the can is higher to create an air bubble. Once you jab the air pocket, the beer will not spray everywhere.

Secondly, when placing your mouth over the opening you have created, ensure your mouth covers the hole entirely. Thirdly, open the can tag slowly to avoid too much pressure. Lastly, only use light beer because other beers can be challenging to drink and can spray all over when you remove the hole from your mouth.

Is it hard to shotgun a beer?

How to shotgun a beer: tips and tricks to do it like a pro
A man shotgunning a beer with his mouth. Photo: @benceboros
Source: Instagram

Shotgunning a beer is easy if you know what you are doing and have the right tools. In other words, you need something to create a hole in a beer can. You can use a knife, key, corkscrew, pin, or anything with a sharp pointy end.

It is also possible to make a hole by pressing the can hard with your thumb or teeth. Whichever object you use, ensure to make the hole bigger. Also, you require the right type of beer. Use canned beer and make sure the beer is light.

What's the trick to shotgunning a beer? The best trick to shotgunning is to keep your throat open. When you open your throat before taking the beer, it becomes easier to pour down the liquid. That will prevent you from gulping or su*king the can.

When creating a hole on the can, ensure it is on the opposite side of the mouthpiece. Alternatively, make it about 45 degrees from the mouthpiece. Another trick to consider is avoiding heavier beers because they are more difficult to drink quickly.

The steps on how to shotgun a beer are straightforward. Choose a light beer in a can, then punch a hole at the bottom of the can. The hole should be about an inch from the base. When creating the hole, the can must be in a horizontal position. If the hole is big enough, lift the can to your mouth horizontally and place the hole over your mouth, leaving no gaps. shared an interesting article on how to fix a relationship. Building a happy, healthy partnership takes work and may not always be easy, especially when there’s been a breach of trust. The tips outlined will help you whether you’re dealing with the fallout from a betrayal or trying to keep a long-distance relationship going.

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