How to add music to Instagram post, stories and reels on your phone (Android and iOS)

How to add music to Instagram post, stories and reels on your phone (Android and iOS)

Millions of users share and view stories, posts, and reels created by content creators each day. Unfortunately, most of the stories and reels created do not go viral because they lack some basic elements. For example, some creators add filters, stickers, questions, and styled text to their content to make them unique. But one area where many of them forget is that they can add a song or music to their content. Knowing how to add music to Instagram posts is one of the best ways of increasing followers.

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How to add music to Instagram post
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Instagram app allows you to select a music file and add it to your post, reel, or story. You can add the file over a video, text, or image. Luckily, Instagram has an expansive audio library that makes it easier to select the best audio file and add it to your song. Another method on how to add music to an Instagram story is to search for the song or use a third-party service like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, or Shazam.

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How to add music to an Instagram story

You can add music to your Instagram story by selecting a file from the audio library provided by Instagram or using an online video editor to add custom music to your story. The steps are

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Tap the + sign on your profile picture to create a new story.
  3. Select a video you want to post to your story. You can also take a picture you want to upload.
  4. Tap the square smile face icon in the menu bar.
  5. A pop-up will appear.
  6. Tap on music.
  7. A search box will appear.
  8. Type in a song you want or scroll through the options listed.
  9. Tap on the song you want once you see it.
  10. Drag the small bar at the bottom to a section of the song you want on your story.
  11. Tap on Done once finished.

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At this point, you can drag the song icon to a different location or pinch it outward or inward to make it larger or smaller. You can now post your story.

How to add music to an Instagram story without a sticker

How to add music to Instagram post
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If you do not have the music sticker, you can still add music to your Instagram story as follows:

  1. Open any music streaming application. You can use an app like SoundCloud, Spotify, Shazam, or Apple Music.
  2. Play the song you want to add to your story.
  3. As the song plays, open your Instagram app.
  4. Record your story.

As you record your story, Instagram will integrate the music playing on your phone. However, the option will prevent you from adding live lyrics or album cover. Also, understand that if the song infringes on a copyright, Instagram will remove the sound from the video.

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How to add music to an Instagram reel

Instagram reels allows you to post short videos with various sounds or music. Here is how to add music to reels on Android and iOS.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the + icon.
  3. Tap on reels at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Select audio.
  5. Choose a song to use or record your reel, then select Audio.
  6. Once done, the app will redirect you to the music tab.
  7. At this point, add a song to your reels by selecting it from the available selections.
  8. Tap on the song after finding it.
  9. Alternatively, use the search box at the top of the page to find a specific song or music.
  10. Tap on the song.
  11. Select a segment of the song using the slider provided.
  12. Tap on done to include the part of the song in your reel.

How to add music to an Instagram post

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How to add music to Instagram post
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Generally, Instagram allows you to add music to your story or reels. However, you cannot add music directly to your posts. Instead, the best way of adding music to Instagram posts is to use a third-party application before posting the content.

Before you can attach a song to a video and then upload it on your Instagram page as a post, the first thing to do is edit the video beforehand. Ideally, the option requires you to use a video editing application that allows you to add sound or music to videos.

After the editing, it will become easier for you to add music to Instagram post by uploading it to your Instagram feed. An excellent example of an app worth using is InShot.

How do you add music to Instagram posts using a third-party app?

Use InShot for this example:

  1. Open the InShot.
  2. Tap on the Video button.
  3. Tap on New.
  4. Select the video you want to edit from your library.
  5. Tap on the Music button.
  6. Select Tracks and choose your preferred song.
  7. Edit the video to your liking.
  8. Tap on the checkmark once finished.
  9. Tap on the Export button.
  10. Select your resolution and framerate.
  11. The final step is to tap on Save and upload the file to your Instagram feed as a post.

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The steps on how to add music to Instagram posts, reels, or stories are straightforward. Ideally, you only have to choose your preferred song and then follow the prompts on Instagram to complete the steps. Unfortunately, you cannot add music to Instagram posts unless you use a third-party app. recently published a detailed guide on how to delete a TikTok video. Considering it is a new social media platform, many users are yet to familiarise themselves with its features.

The guide outlines all the steps of deleting TiKTok videos, including those in drafts. Check out the article to learn more about the process.

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