Does toothpaste expire? How to know if it has gone bad and uses if expired

Does toothpaste expire? How to know if it has gone bad and uses if expired

The evolution of toothpaste is unquestionably remarkable. You might be shocked to learn that before the invention of the product, humans used teeth powder made from crushed seashells mixed with specific oils. But despite the effectiveness of modern mouthwash products, it is still astonishing how long they can last. So, does toothpaste expire?

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Does toothpaste expire
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Where does toothpaste come from? The Egyptians are thought to have begun brushing their teeth with a paste around 5000BC before toothbrushes were invented. However, the Ancient Greeks and Romans used the product, with China and India using it around 500BC.

Does toothpaste expire?

Can toothpaste expire? Yes. Contrary to popular opinion, it does have an expiry date. The reason for the expiry date is that the fluoride in the product gradually loses its effectiveness over time and may harm the enamel if used beyond its expiry date.

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When does toothpaste expire?

According to Crest, the product is often safe for use two years after its official manufacturing date. This shelf life ensures the effectiveness of each ingredient in the product. Expired toothpaste is not entirely harmful but has lowered efficiency and can be helpful in other areas.

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How do you know if toothpaste is expired?

The best way to tell if the product has expired is to look at the expiry date, usually printed on the tube. If the manufacturing date is given, you may easily estimate two years from that date because that is the approximate time it takes for the fluoride to lose its effectiveness.

How long can you use toothpaste after the expiration date?

According to Myersdental, most toothpaste is safe to use for 12 to 18 months after expiry. However, depending on the manufacturer, others are guaranteed to work for only two years after the date of manufacture.

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What happens if I use expired toothpaste?

Does toothpaste expire
Woman squeezing out paste from a tube on a toothbrush. Photo: Eric Audras
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According to Healthline, using the product after its expiration is not dangerous. However, it may not work as well as intended because the efficiency is lowered after the expiry date.

After the expiration date, the fluoride gradually loses effectiveness in cleaning your teeth and preventing cavities and decay. Furthermore, the outdated product may be a breeding ground for bacteria.

What are some expired toothpaste uses?

According to Carefreedental, there are many uses for the product. For example, you can use it to clean your jewellery, remove wall markings, and buff your fingernails.

Furthermore, if the paste does not contain bleaching agents, you can use it to polish scuffs off leather shoes. It can also be used to remove muck from clothing, clear scurf marks from walls, and soothe minor burns.

How long does a tube of toothpaste last?

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Does toothpaste expire
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According to Smiletwice, a standard tube of the product should last about 40 days, or about 80 uses, when used twice daily. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that, for optimal oral health, teeth must be brushed twice daily for about two minutes.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where does toothpaste come from? According to Colgateproffesional, Egyptians are believed to be the first people to use the product in 5000BC.
  2. Where does toothpaste come from, animal? The products come from animal fat, particularly pig and cow fat) or vegetable oil (corn or soybean).
  3. What can you make out of toothpaste? First, you can use the product to make homemade cleaning agents. In addition, mixing the product with hydrogen peroxide makes a strong whitening agent.
  4. What plant does toothpaste come from? Plants like eucalyptus can produce natural mouth fresheners. Other plants include myrrh, camomile, neem, and aloe vera.
  5. Is toothpaste pork? Not really. Most use glycerin from animal fat (pig or cow) or vegetable oil (corn or soybean).
  6. Who made toothpaste? In 1824, Dentist Peabody was the first to include soap in dental paste, followed by John Harris in the 1850s. However, it wasn't until 20 years later that Colgate created the first product in a jar.

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Does toothpaste expire? Yes. However, unlike many products, you can still use the product after expiration. The downside is that the paste will not work as intended or may even be uncomfortable for the user. The good thing is, expired ones have other general uses like polishing metal and clearing muck from walls.

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