Is there an anti-drone gun? Everything you need to know

Is there an anti-drone gun? Everything you need to know

Drones are used in various industries as aid, security, and entertainment devices. However, some people have been known to use them for illegal purposes. For a variety of reasons, drone misuse has become a primary concern around the world. These devices have been used to spy on people, transport illegal substances, and even disrupt airport operations. One method of combating the rogue threat is through the anti-drone gun.

anti-drone gun
A police officer holds an anti-drone rifle during the presentation of the police operation for New Year's Eve, 30 December 2022, in Madrid, Spain. Photo: Eduardo Parra
Source: Getty Images

Scientists created the anti-drone gun to combat the threat of rogue drones and unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs). The guns' defence system uses various techniques, each with advantages and limitations.

What is an anti-drone gun?

The anti-drone gun is a point-and-shoot electromagnetic pulse weapon that operates similarly to a standard infantry rifle. The gun works by jamming communication signals, forcing the drone to either fall, make an emergency landing, or return to base.

How do anti-drone guns work?

They use anti-drone technology to repel or down unwanted UAVs. However, due to the cost of the technology system, the guns fetch a high price in the market.

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So is there a detailed breakdown of how the anti-drone gun works? Yes, there is. Here is how the anti-drone guns work.

1. Physically capturing the UAVs midflight using catchers like nets

According to DroneCatcher, anti-drone guns use multiple onboard sensors to lock onto UAVs (unmanned ariel vehicles) and capture them using a net or mesh. Users can deploy a hand-controlled drone to intercept and attack unwanted UAVs.

2. Physically destroying the UAVs (unmanned ariel vehicles) using a projectile like a missile

Though mocked as an old-school method, this system employs anti-aircraft guns to destroy UAVs. According to Business Insider, this system has proven reliable in assisting Ukraine in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, in which Russia has used many drones to attack Ukraine.

This method, while less influential, still gets the job done and has the advantage of being inexpensive.

3. Disrupting the unauthorised drone GPS using radio frequency

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This works in two ways:

HPM beams

anti-drone gun
A security agent walks with an anti-drone gun before the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Brasilia on 1 January 2023. Photo: CARL DE SOUZA
Source: Getty Images

According to Science Focus, high-power microwaves (HPM beams) used in anti-drone guns can disable the guidance systems of dangerous UAVs.

Radio Frequency jammers

According to 911 Security, jammers work by blasting electromagnetic noise at the radio frequencies used to operate drones. They effectively drown out the conversation between a drone and its operator.

The noise frequency can be either 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz, which are unassigned public frequencies. This frequency (2.4GHz or 5.8GHz) prevents jammers from interfering with manned aircraft, cell phones, public broadcasts, or other dedicated radio bands.

4. By the use of high-energy beams (lasers) to either disrupt or destroy drones outright

What will disable a drone? A high-energy beam like a laser will effectively disable one. According to Hackaday, lasers destroy drones by melting or incinerating them with their powerful beam.

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One advantage is that no ammo is involved, so many shots can be fired as long as the laser has power and does not overheat.

A high-energy laser can destroy targets in seconds by heating them to the point where their systems fail. Lasers, unlike jamming and microwaves, are highly accurate.

Is there a weapon against drones?

There are numerous weapons available to combat the problem of unmanned aerial vehicles. The following are the top anti-drone weapons on the market.

  1. Counter UAV System by Airbus Defense and Space (2015)
  2. Death Ray Truck by Boeing (2014)
  3. DroneDefender by Battelle (2015)
  4. DroneGun by DroneShield (2016)
  5. SkyWall by OpenWorks (2016)

If you're wondering where to buy an anti-drone gun, the companies listed above offer the best solution on the market. E-commerce sites such as Ali Baba and Amazon also sell comparable items.

Does Ukraine have anti-drone guns?

anti-drone gun
A Ukrainian soldier demonstrates the work of the EDM-4S "Skysweeper" handheld drone suppression system during the presentation in Kyiv. Photo: Mykhaylo Palinchak
Source: Getty Images

Yes, they do. According to RFERI, a Ukrainian company in the Ivano-Frankivsk region has produced nearly 80 rifles capable of jamming aerial drones used by Russian forces for reconnaissance.

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In addition, a video circulated online in late 2022 showed Ukrainian forces bringing down a Russian drone with the Lithuanian-made SkyWiper counter-drone rifle.

Types of anti-drone technology

What are anti-drone technologies? They are systems that detect and intercept unwanted drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Here are various types of anti-drone technology currently being used worldwide.

  • Acoustic Sensors (Microphones).
  • Counter the Drone Threat.
  • Drone Countermeasure Equipment.
  • Drone Monitoring Equipment.
  • Optical Sensors (Cameras).
  • Radar.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Analyzers.
  • Radio Frequency Jammers.

Can you defend against drones?

You certainly can. There are several ways to defend yourself against an intruding drone. They include using jammers to block the controller's signal, anti-drone guns, trained birds of prey, and drone hacking.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is an anti-drone gun? It is a point-and-shoot electromagnetic pulse weapon that uses jammers or projectiles to stop unwanted drones.
  2. How do anti-drone guns work? They use anti-drone technology to repel or down unwanted UAVs.
  3. What will disable a drone? A high-energy beam like a laser can effectively disable an unmanned aerial vehicle.
  4. Is there a weapon against drones? Yes, there is. The Counter UAV System by Airbus Defense and Space (2015) is one effective weapon.
  5. Can you defend against drones? Yes, you can. Some of the defence methods are using jammers, anti-drone guns, trained birds of prey, and drone hacking.
  6. Does Ukraine have anti-drone guns? Yes, they do. The SkyWiper counter-drone rifle is among the weapons used by the special forces to repel Russian aggression.

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The anti-drone gun is a device that can stop or repel unwanted unmanned aerial vehicles. These devices are one-of-a-kind and use different technology to combat unwanted drones. Some have jammers that block or detect radio signals, while others use high-energy beams to stop the target quickly. published an exciting article about famous women in technology. It is no secret that men outnumber women in the tech industry. However, their lower numbers do not imply that they do not exist. Women in technology, like their male counterparts, have made significant contributions.

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