100+ adorable pregnancy announcement captions for Instagram

100+ adorable pregnancy announcement captions for Instagram

Announcing pregnancy in the family is an exciting experience, and couples always anticipate it. But interestingly, you can share the good news also on social media to reach a bigger audience. This is why couples who are active on social media, especially on Instagram, always search for the best pregnancy announcement captions for Instagram when sharing the good news.

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pregnancy announcement captions for Instagram
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The pregnancy period is not an easy period for women. All they require during that time is loads of care and attention. Eventually, when it comes to announcing the good news, it is best done uniquely. The truth is nothing beats telling your friends and family members you're expecting a baby in the most captivating way. Witnessing their joy will undoubtedly give you a euphoric feeling for days.

Pregnancy announcement captions for Instagram

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Announcement of pregnancy and associated feedback and responses that greet the news could give any couple a feeling of support from their friend and loved ones. But then, how do you announce a baby on Instagram? Here are some of the best ideas and captions that you can try.

  • This is to the upcoming mother #newmom
  • Shout-out to the newest addition to the family. #pregnancy
  • Hardly anything enhances a woman's beauty as much as a baby bump. #babybump
  • Every woman is always preparing for this moment.
  • The emotional reactions and cravings make the wait worthwhile. #babyincoming
  • Maintain the baby's and the mother's happiness. #happybaby
  • Becoming a parent could be a challenging experience. #bumpyride
  • Nothing comes even close to parental love. #momhood
  • Motherhood for you means nine months of restless nights accompanied by a journey of worrying. #mothering
  • Nothing beats the sensation of holding your baby for the first time.
  • Every time I consider becoming a parent, I get shivers down my spine. #newmom
  • This is a good kind of awkwardness. #pregnancy
  • The birth process only demonstrates how significant a mother is.
  • The kingdom's prince and princess will soon arrive in this world. #babybump
  • It's absolutely incredible that something so infinitesimal can completely transform your life.
  • Becoming a mother marks the beginning of a new and delightful chapter in your life.
  • The baby is eager to explore the world. #newmom
  • A woman will tell you that some kicks bring you happiness. #pregnancy
  • The warmth that motherhood gives you is unparalleled.
  • Hardly anything makes a parent happy and satisfied more than seeing their child sleeping.
  • A life span of happiness for three-quarters of pregnancy. #babybump

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cute ways to announce pregnancy
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  • Operation show off your bump. #babybump
  • Congratulations on becoming a mother! #babyontheway. Congratulations on your new role as a mother! #babyontheway
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg; the best is yet to come. #newmom
  • The wait may be difficult, but nothing worth having comes easily. #happybaby

Pregnancy announcement ideas

The following captions are worth considering if you have challenges penning the perfect words to announce you are expecting a bundle of joy soon.

  • Everything beautiful takes time. #pregnancy
  • You brought me love, and love brought me the baby.
  • Every mother is a superhero with her own sidekick. #babybump
  • The house will no longer feel lonely. #newmom
  • Some parts of life can be deferred, but not the delivery date.
  • The saying "the quicker the better" may not apply here. #babyincoming
  • The baby wants to eat the same foods as the mother.
  • It's time to bid farewell to "me" time and make preparations for only "we" time.
  • When it comes to expecting twins, the more, the merrier. #babybump
  • We can take two of anything, pink or blue if we have the choice.
  • Having a child causes you to acknowledge miracles.
  • A baby lives for nine months in your tummy and the rest of history in your heart.
  • Be content, stay healthy, and relish your pregnancy.
  • Not just plump, but also delightfully pregnant! #newmom
  • Everywhere we go, we have our own plus one. #pregnancy
  • I think it is finally time to turn our parents into grandparents. #babyincoming
  • Changes in mood are like hiccups along the way that is pregnancy. #happybaby
  • It's time enough for the baby to mature. #babybump

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Funny pregnancy announcement

Sometimes, adding a fun touch to your pregnancy announcement can trigger a buzz on social media. You can try these pregnancy announcement strategies and feel the magic they will do to your followers.

  • One plus one might equal three or four if we're lucky.
  • I simply can not wait to see a bigger family portrait. #newmom
  • I was delighted about the baby shower. #pregnancy
  • My child will have the best of all baby photoshoots. #babyincoming
pregnancy announcement ideas
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  • The cat is already out of the pouch; we're expecting a child.
  • Bringing you the perfect mix from my partner and me. #babybump
  • A little part of me, a little part of you, and then a variety of us. #pregnancy
  • Having a child is like watching a part of yourself grow up independently.
  • All pregnancy apprehensions vanish with a single kick from the baby #happybaby
  • It's perplexing how you can truly love someone that's not even present. #newmom
  • If you think you have seen the love of your life already, wait nine months to be sure.
  • A mother is always overjoyed by that the first kick of the baby. #pregnancy
  • Pregnancy reveals your true physical and emotional strength.
  • A woman knows her baby from within, and so does the baby. #babybump
  • Pregnancy brings many changes, and many magnificent changes at that.
  • A baby is the manifestation of all your prayers. #babyincoming
  • When one begins to breathe inside of you, you'll start to comprehend life better.
  • The aches and pains, but I'll do anything for the sake of the baby.
  • A decent parent is a parent who is proud of her children. #newmom
  • Your wish to have someone call you mom will materialise. #happybaby
  • Another reason to be appreciative for a life; another reason to be joyful.
  • A mother can tell her child's heartbeat.
  • There has always been a void; you just didn't notice it until the baby came along.
  • The bump is more adorable than ever. #pregnancy
  • Eat as much as you want; the belly will grow whatever way.
  • I really cannot stop eating. Why? Because my baby is hungry. #babybump
  • For the foreseeable future, I wouldn't be alone.
  • You'll never believe that something so hurtful and unpleasant can bring you happiness for the rest of your life.

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Social media pregnancy announcement wording

Below are wordings best suited for announcing pregnancy at any time. These words give you a feeling of responsibility towards yourself and the baby growing inside you.

  • A mother's pride arrives when new life begins to stir within her... when she hears her first tiny heartbeat and a quirky kick, it immediately reminds her that she'd never be alone.
  • Whether your motherhood was deliberately planned, medically induced, or unexpected, one point is certain: your life can never be the same again.
  • Pregnancy is a roller coaster with no seat belts. But I'm having a good time.
When should you announce your pregnancy on social media?
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  • Becoming pregnant means that every day brings me closer to getting to know the blessing of my life.
  • This is remarkably quite the summer new slogan for all of us...Take your hat off. Make your hair up. Lie down.
  • Pregnant women are said to have a glow to them. And I say that's because you're dripping with sweat gently.
  • All of the pain and discomfort that a pregnant woman feels from all of the pregnancy symptoms vanishes when the baby kicks for the first time; that sensation is the best part of pregnancy.
  • While roses are red, violets remain blue, and two hearts are beating for you inside me.
  • Life is a burning torch that rekindles each time a child comes.
  • Everyone, please leave me alone. I've had one hectic day being pregnant, and I'll have to do it again tomorrow.
  • There is indeed a special feeling of love in being active participants in creation.
  • Generally speaking, I am evidently pregnant, but if you keep telling me again how big I have become, I will eat you Netflix and baby snaps.
  • We can't wait to meet our new family member. #babyonboard.
  • Pregnancy is the sweetest excuse for feeling lousy ever. #pregnancyannouncement
  • Secrets have been revealed!! We're expecting, and the baby is finally ready to meet the world. #mommyandme

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Cute ways to announce pregnancy

Because of the joy that overfills your heart about the bundle of joy that you are expecting, it can get challenging to find the perfect way to share the news with others. Below are some unique messages that you can share to let others know.

  • Pregnancy is the time when you can officially taunt your hubby and start blaming it all on hormonal changes.
  • The concerned woman in me is making a grocery budget. "Oooo!" exclaims the pregnant woman. Cake made of chocolate!"
  • Pregnancy is like starting a new job. The baby in my belly is my new boss, and my hubby is my new coworker.
  • The feeling of being fat lasts nine months, but the joy of becoming a mother lasts a lifetime.
  • The moment we find out we're pregnant, we fall in love with our unborn child!
How do you on social media announce pregnancy?
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  • Being able to take part in production has a special sensation to it. #soontobemommy
  • Is it strange that I've been sick, exhausted, and tender recently? What could it possibly be?
  • When people commend me, I like to tell them what they're commending me on and then observe them blurt out.
  • Motherhood is the most important of all women's rights.
  • We've hoped and prayed, and now we're thrilled to announce that our little miracle is coming.
  • It's all up to mommy with the baby in her tummy. But once the baby is born, Dad will have bragging rights.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. When should you announce your pregnancy on social media? There is no particular best time to announce a pregnancy. However, the discretion to announce solely depends on you and your partner.
  2. How do you announce your first pregnancy on social media? You can upload ultrasound photos or share images of a pregnant woman.
  3. How do I announce my pregnancy online? One of the ways to do that is by sharing a picture of your pregnant state with a short caption. You can take the picture with your spouse.
  4. When can you start telling your family about pregnancy? Any time you and your spouse are comfortable announcing is fine.
  5. Is 7 weeks too early to announce pregnancy? It is not bad to announce the pregnancy in the seventh week, but some people prefer to do so from the end of the first trimester.
  6. What do you put on a baby announcement? Basically, you and your spouse's names, the child's gender and name, and the place of birth, if you choose to add that.

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Pregnancy is a time mixed with expectations, anxiety and happiness. Nevertheless, the endpoint brings gladness and joy to everyone. While the joyful aspect of happiness cannot be overlooked, a couple can use the opportunity to greater advantage. This is evident in sharing social media pregnancy announcement captions which can boost followership and create an atmosphere of excitement.

Have you just got a new ride and considering sharing the good news with friends and loved ones on Instagram? Yen.com.gh shared cute captions for your Instagram photos that you can consider using.

Showing off your cool car online may not be a bad idea, but how best to caption it can be challenging. If you are stuck on what to write, consider several captions shared in the post for inspiration.

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