Who is D'vorah from Mortal Kombat? Background, stats, fatality

Who is D'vorah from Mortal Kombat? Background, stats, fatality

Although Mortal Kombat 11 brings back several iconic characters, it doesn't leave them untouched. While new characters like Cetrion can bring something entirely new to the table, one of the most exciting things about fighting game sequels is seeing how older characters have changed. One such character is D'Vorah.

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D'vorah from Mortal Kombat. Photo: @KytinnHiveQueen
Source: Twitter

D'Vorah is one of many characters introduced in Mortal Kombat X who has made the return trip to Mortal Kombat 11. As a female member of the Kytinn species, she lives in Outworld and formerly served as Kotal Kahn's first minister.

D'Vorah Mortal Kombat background

What insect is D'Vorah? D'Vorah MK belongs to the Kytinn race. This is a species of colonial insects which bond together to form humanoid bodies. She comes from the Arney Islands, where Shao Kahn conquered and annexed her realm into Outward at some point in history.

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As a result, she made a vow to serve the emperor to avoid being made a slave. As a result, she rose through the ranks, where she became the second-in-command. She was also one of the closest advisers of Shao Kahn's successor, Kotal Kahn. In her position, she assisted Kotal during the civil war against Mileena.

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On the other hand, her main objective is the survival of The Hive and the birthplace of all other Kytinn. D Vorah is keen on her mission because she is the last known living member of her species.

Due to her determination, she is ready and willing to work with anyone she believes will help her preserve and revive the Kytinn. As a result, she joins hands with Shinnok and Kronika, which in turn leads to the untimely betraying of Kotal Kahn.

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D'Vorah appearance

D Vorah has a distinctive appearance as displayed in both her physical appearance as well as her dressing. Physically, her look is drawn to several insect motifs as follows:

  • Her skin is a yellow chitinous hide with four wings jutting out from her back.
  • The back of her head has black markings.
  • Her lips are naturally black.
  • The heels of her feet look like high heel wedges.
  • She has compound eyes that appear fractured like the eyes of a fly.
  • She has sharp and pointed teeth.

In terms of clothing, she wears the following:

D'vorah from Mortal Kombat four wings. Photo: @KytinnHiveQueen
Source: Twitter
  • A black top and hood
  • Spiked gauntlets on her arms
  • Armoured ringlets on her forearm
  • Armoured shin guards
  • A single scarab-shaped piece of jewellery with a green centred gem rests around her neck.

D'Vorah stats

D'Vorah's stats are the final damage, health, toughness and recovery at level 50, per Fusion rank, with ALL support cards, and without any equipment. They are as follows:

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  • Normal - 9,004 (attack), 16,767 (health), 7,685 (toughness), 6,525 (recovery)
  • Fusion I - 13,507 (attack), 25,151 (health), 11,528 (toughness), 9,788 (recovery)
  • Fusion II - 18,009 (attack), 33,534 (health), 15,370 (toughness), 13,050 (recovery)
  • Fusion III - 22,511 (attack), 41,918 (health), 19,213 (toughness), 16,313 (recovery)
  • Fusion IV - 27,013 (attack), 50,301 (health), 23,055 (toughness), 19,575 (recovery)
  • Fusion V - 31,515 (attack), 58,685 (health), 26,898 (toughness), 22,838 (recovery)
  • Fusion VI - 36,018 (attack), 37,069 (health), 30,740 (toughness), 26,100 (recovery)
  • Fusion VII - 40,520 (attack), 75,452 (health), 34,583 (toughness), 29,363 (recovery)
  • Fusion VIII - 45,022 (attack), 83,836 (health), 38,425 (toughness), 32,625 (recovery)
  • Fusion IX - 49,524 (attack), 92,220 (health), 42,268 (toughness), 35,888 (recovery)
  • Fusion X - 58,685 (attack), 119,232 (health), 50,085 (toughness), 42,525 (recovery)

D'Vorah combat characteristics

D'Vorah appearance is distinctive in her powers and abilities, signature moves, and fatalities as follows:

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Powers and abilities

She has insect affinity that comes in handy in helping her gain control over many other types of bugs and winged insects. So why is D'Vorah a bug? She uses these traits for different purposes, such as offensive attacks and sealing wounds.

Her extra natural limbs offer her deadly pincers for use in combat. They also enable her to fly to different degrees. As seen in the comics, she is one of the Mortal Kombat characters to have a regeneration factor. For instance, she reformed a swarm of insects after being torn in half by a possessed Reiko.

Signature moves

D'vorah from Mortal Kombat with a bunch of insects. Photo: @KytinnHiveQueen
Source: Twitter

D Vorah's signature moves that make her stand out from the rest include:

  • Spawning puddle
  • Forward and backward air throw
  • Ovipositor charge
  • Bug blast
  • Krawler
  • Wasp grenade
  • Vortex Swarm
  • Bug spray
  • Poison ovipositor charge
  • Fireflies
  • Katipo rush
  • Infested
  • Swarm
  • Flipping out
  • Widow's kiss
  • Ticking time bug
  • Bombardier beetle
  • Deadly Swarm
  • Super swarm

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Is D'Vorah good or bad? She is considered exceptionally bad, unlike other characters such as Geras and Erron Black, who have a high tier. Her fatalities are a brutal finishing move that can be executed at the end of a fight during the game. They are as follows:

  • Bug Me - She summons a swarm of wasps and sends them to pierce through the body of an opponent from the chest and the back.
  • Heart Broken - She stubs her opponents through the chest and the head in rapid succession with her ovipositors, stabbing out the heart and the brain.
  • New Species - She stabs her opponents in the shoulders with her ovipositors. She instantly splits them open and forces the opponent to their knees.
  • Can't Die - She takes to the air and fires four blasts of resin at the opponent's limbs and consequently pinning them to the ground.

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D'Vorah from Mortal Kombat seems to be more of a rush down the character in nature. However, many of her attacks wind up, leaving her far away from her foes after landing them successfully. It's almost as though she's caught between being a zoner and rushing down a fighter and ultimately can't do the job on either side.

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