Lopunny: Stats, evolution, location, weakness, girl or boy

Lopunny: Stats, evolution, location, weakness, girl or boy

The world of Pokemon has proved to be an ever-expanding universe since its inception. It has added new creatures in each level, some admirable, some dangerous, and others powerful. The addition of new creatures has made Pokemon one of the most entertaining games ever made. The franchise introduced several advancements in Generation IV of Pokemon, including new moves, Pokemon, gameplay features, and mechanics. Among the upgrades introduced was Lopunny or the Rabbit Pokemon.

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Lopunny from Pokemon. Photo: @Lolpunny
Source: Twitter

Lopunny is a cautious Pokemon that cloaks its body with its fluffy ear fur anytime it senses danger. When it notices danger approaching, it responds with some awkward and destructive kicks. However, the bunny prefers keeping itself clean and constantly grooms its ears.

Furthermore, it runs with sprightly jumps and continually monitors its surroundings, hence detecting danger approaching. If you are a Pokemon GO player, you should learn everything about Lopunny, including stats, evolution, locations, weaknesses, and whether the bunny is a girl or boy.

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Biological details of Lopunny

What are the biological details of Lopunny? Lopunny has several biological details that distinguish it from other Pokemon GO creatures. First, the creature is a dark brown coloured Pokemon that looks like a rabbit. It has yellowish-gold fluff hanging from its ears, pink eyes, a short round tail, and a tall body.

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Its ears are long, and it can hear its prey easily. Despite the physical appearance of its ears, the Pokemon is proud of them and always protects and takes care of them through regular grooming. Also, the bunny will kick anybody that touches its ears.

Lopunny has a small pink nose that can smell anything from a distance. Furthermore, the Pokemon has dark brown fur that protects its body, head and hips, and cream coloured fur that covers the legs. When evolved to a mega Lopunny, the creature changes its personality completely. It becomes wild and develops lethal fighting instincts.

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The mega Lopunny also changes its body shape from its original form to something significantly different. Also, after the evolution, a cold-shoulder touch by the creature can break steel plates into pieces, making Lopunny’s mega evolution powerful. Finally, Lopunny is a bunny that will run away once it senses danger. One way of staying out of trouble is to scan its surroundings constantly.

Stats in Pokemon GO

Lobunny may not have some impressive stats to make it a top Pokemon. But some aspects of the Pokemon make it worth it to have. Here are the stats:

  • Hit point – 65
  • Attack – 76
  • Defence – 84
  • Special attack – 54
  • Special defence – 96
  • Speed – 105
Lopunny walking on the road. Photo: @Lolpunny
Source: Twitter

The above is Lopunny base stats. The mega Lopunny stats are:

  • Hit point – 65
  • Attack – 136
  • Defence – 94
  • Special attack – 54
  • Special defence – 96
  • Speed – 135

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Although Lopunny has some impressive stats on speed, sometimes they do not mean much during hazards and poor weather conditions. The bunny likes to take care of itself because it has a somewhat attractive body.

What are the best movesets of Lopunny in Pokemon GO?

The Pokemon bunny best moves are the Pound and Hyper Beam when attacking in Gyms. Lopunny uses the move combination because it has the highest total DPS (Damage Per Second). The rabbit averages about 9.16 damages per second. Furthermore, the moveset is the best for PvP (Player versus Player) battles.

Although Lopunny is good at the move, other creatures can also learn it quickly. However, the Pound and Hyper Beam combination cannot be effective against the Ghost-type, one of the eighteen Pokemon elemental types. The best move against Ghost-type Pokemon is Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, which bunny can learn and perform.

What are Lopunny weaknesses?

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Lopunny is generally weak at fighting. The rabbit will run away once it detects danger. Apart from fighting, the bunny is vulnerable to fairy, flying, and psychic-type attacks. Despite these four weaknesses, it can be resistant against Bug, Ghost, Dark, and Rock-type Pokemon.

When made into a dual-type Pokemon, Lopunny becomes even weaker. The best Pokemon that can defeat Mega Lopunny are Lugia, Conkeldurr, and Metagross. Lugia can trounce Lopunny because it is a legendary flying and psychic-type Pokemon.

Conkeldurr is a pure fighting-type Pokemon, but you must use it closer to the beginning of an encounter to inflict maximum damage. Also, Metagross is a psychic and Steel-type Pokemon whose charged moves are powerful against Lopbunny Pokemon.

Lopunny enjoying a meal. Photo: @Lolpunny
Source: Twitter

Is Lopunny a good Pokemon? Not all Pokemon are equal, and Lopunny is no exception. Although the bunny has an excellent, it is not the best when it comes to battling. But that does not mean that the rabbit is a bad Pokemon.

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Instead, it fails to be good in some areas that players find crucial. For example, Lopunny is not good at attacking but can pose a threat to slower offensive threats. Furthermore, its defensive capabilities are wanting and may not take on offensive teams that have a bulky Pokemon.

Nevertheless, Mega Lopunny possesses excellent speed stats that allow it to outpace other creatures. That makes it an awesome Pokemon for revenge killings. Also, Lopunny has a high-Base Power STAB move that gives it the best coverage.

Is Lopunny a girl or boy?

Lopunny, the rabbit Pokemon, has no gender differences. Therefore, the creature’s gender ratio could be 50% male and 50% female. But many fans believe it could be female because of its feminine appearance.

What level does Lopunny evolve? Lopunny came in the fourth generation of Pokemon GO. The creature then evolves from Buneary when levelled up with high friendship. Furthermore, the rabbit can mega evolve and become mega Lopunny using the Lopunnite.

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After Buneary acquires enough friendship, it evolves after a level up. And once the Buneary gets to level 100 without evolving, it cannot become a Lopunny. But in Pokemon GO, the chances of a Buneary getting to level 100 without securing enough friendships to evolve are low.

Lopunny is a bunny introduced in Generation IV of Pokemon GO. The creature is a dark brown coloured Pokemon that looks like a rabbit. Its best moves are the Pound and Hyper Beam and the bunny is excellent at speed. However, Lopunny is not good at attacking and does not do well against flying and psychic-type Pokemon.

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