Who is Black Noir? 10 things you need to know about The Boys superhero

Who is Black Noir? 10 things you need to know about The Boys superhero

If you are a fan of Amazon's The Boys, then Black Noir is no new character to you. However, he is associated with engaging in vile acts and debauchery and is the most mysterious character. So, who is underneath the mask?

Black Noir
The Boys Season 3 Will Reveal More About Black Noir. Photo: @screenrant
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The Boys Black Noir prides himself as the most skilled character among his counterparts. He is also the quietest of The Boy's characters, which makes him quite mysterious. How well do you know him?

10 things you need to know about The Boys superhero

Most fans often wonder, "Is Black Noir stronger than Homelander?" It is not clear who is more potent, but Homelander once burned his arm with a laser from his eyes which took a toll on Black Noir.

1. The character takes time to heal

Black Noir
The Boys showrunner confirms Black Noir will return in S3 and we'll learn more about his origin. Photo: @CultureCrave
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Although Black Noir's powers are super, his body takes time to heal. This is evident from the many times he has been injured, but his body takes forever to heal. Also, during a confrontation with Starlight and Queen Maeve, part of his lower face gets severely burnt and takes a long time to heal.

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2. His death is unexpected

Black Noir's death was a surprise to many. No one ever thought that one of the unique characters of the show could get killed. This happens at the very end, but only after he eliminates Homelander. The actor also makes a shocking revelation that he was behind the atrocious acts that people thought were committed by Homelander.

3. He is involved with Starlight

In the series, Noir rarely interacts with other characters. However, in the comics, the character assaults Starlight together with Homelander and A-Train after becoming a member of The Seven.

However, in the series, Starlight is assaulted by The Deep. He is known and is forced to make a public apology for his deeds.

4. He is ruthless

The comic is believed to commit any heinous act he thinks of, and his attitude to children is also wanting. However, in the series Noir is different from the comic one as he spares the life of a terrorist child during a mission.

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5. He is the strongest member of the Seven

In the comics, he is the strongest of them all. No one matches his strength and ability. However, in the series, Homelander subdues them all. Everyone fears him because of his great strength.

6. The character suffers from a nut allergy

Black Noir
The Boys show runner Eric Kripke spills the beans on Black Noir's surprising, nutty weakness and the inspiration behind Episode 7's silliest moment. Photo: @IGN
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During Season 2 of the series, fans get to learn that Noir is allergic to nuts. This is after Queen Maeve forces him to have a couple of nuts which sends him into an anaphylactic shock.

7. Black Noir actor wears a unique costume

His costume is a force to reckon with when compared to the other characters' costumes. He wears a full head-to-toe black suit with a shade-like device in front of his eyes. On the chest, areas are octagon-like designs. The costume also has some shades of grey colour.

However, in the comic books, Black Noir has a complete head-to-toe black suit with no compartments.

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8. He brings to an end Homelander's life

One of Noir's purposes in life is to bring to end Homelander's life by killing him. Homelander tries his luck of killing him, but he does not succeed and is instead killed. The US military and The Boys eventually kill him.

9. He is behind most feuds between The Boys and The Seven

Fans of the series abhor Homelander for allegedly assaulting Billy Butcher's wife, Becky. The ordeal leads Becky to give birth to a son whom Homelander finds and insists on being part of his life.

However, its comic fans are aware of a different story as Noir assaulted Becky while disguised as Homelander. The incident makes Billy vengeful, and he vows to destroy Vought International and everything associated with it.

10. Black Noir is a person of colour

What race is Black Noir? Nathan Mitchell recently revealed that Noir is a person of colour. He is quoted saying;

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Yeah, I think it's important for everybody to be able to see themselves in superheroes and reflected in our media. And as someone who grew up loving superheroes, that often wasn't in the canon of Marvel or DC that there were that many black superheroes. I gravitated to Spider-Man partially because it was a mask, and anybody can be behind that mask. So I think when you see what's under the mask, and that Black Noir is Black, it just offers another person for Black people to see themselves in. It's a bit different, because I'm just, like, Black Noir, but Chadwick Boseman, what he meant to all of us... I felt it when I watched [Black Panther] – you know, I felt that when he passed [also] – but when I saw that movie, I never had those feelings in my life.

Black Noir is a unique character in the series whose impact is felt. While his face has not been seen in the series yet, Noir is revealed to be a clone of Homelander in the comics.

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