Will there be a Behind Her Eyes season 2? Everything we know so far

Will there be a Behind Her Eyes season 2? Everything we know so far

If you are a fan of supernatural fiction and psychological thrillers, then Behind Her Eyes on Netflix is the series for you. The series was a hit, and those who watched it loved it. However, the series finale left viewers with many questions unanswered. So, is there a second season to the series? Will there be a Behind Her Eyes Season 2?

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Behind Her Eyes season 2
Cover art for the Netflix thriller. Photo@iamsujankd
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Behind Her Eyes is a dark supernatural psychological thriller web series created by Steve Lightfoot in the United Kingdom. The show is based on Sarah Pinborough's novel of the same name, published in 2017. Behind Her Eyes debuted as a limited series on Netflix on February 17, 2021.

Will there be a Behind Her Eyes season 2?

There has been no official word from Netflix on whether or not there will be a season 2. Furthermore, because the show was presented as a limited series, its storyline is told in a single season.

So, why is there a desire for a season 2? Well, the reason is simple: the ending. The way the season finale unfolded left viewers with more questions than answers.

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Behind Her Eyes ending explained

Behind Her Eyes season 2
Eve Hewson as Adele Ferguson (left) and Tom Bateman as Dr David Ferguson (right). Photo: @A0Uer
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To understand the ending, you must first be familiar with the plot of the series. The six-episode series revolves around Louise, a single mother played by Simona Brown. While out with a friend, Louise meets David, played by Tom Bateman. David is Louise's new boss, and the two begin an affair despite David's marital status.

When Louise becomes involved in a friendship with David's wife, Adele, things become even more complicated. What appears to be a typical love triangle turns out to be a dark psychological story in which no one seems to be who they claim to be.

The ending is bizarre. Louise's life has been entwined with David and Adele. She has also discovered that she can travel through time and space. She writes a letter to the police, claiming that David murdered someone named Ron and threw his body in a well.

Also, Adele is not who she claims to be. Her soul has been exchanged for Ron's, who was murdered. So, Adele no longer exists, and Ron controls her body. Then, near the end, Adele attempts suicide by setting fire to her house and overdosing on drugs.

Louise discovers this information and rushes to her aid. Louise uses astral projection to enter the burning house and awakens Adele. However, Adele, now Ron, manages to swap bodies with Louise and leaves Louise for dead in Adele's overdosed body.

Who are Behind Her Eyes' season 2 cast?

Behind Her Eyes season 2
Simona Brown plays Louise Barnsley in the series. Photo: Tim P. Whitby
Source: Getty Images

Will there be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes, and who will likely be cast if they will be a second season? The names of the likely cast are based on the main characters from the primary season. Here they are below:

  • Eve Hewson as Adele Ferguson (née Campbell)
  • Simona Brown as Louise Barnsley
  • Tyler Howitt as Adam
  • Georgie Glen as Sue
  • Robert Aramayo as Rob Hoyle
  • Tom Bateman as Dr David Ferguson
  • Nichola Burley as Sophie
  • Roshan Seth as Dr Sharma
  • Eva Birthistle as Marianne
  • Nila Aalia as Geeta Sharma

Is Behind Her Eyes based on a true story?

No. The series is based on a fictional story and is classified as a psychological thriller. However, some elements of the show depict real-life scenarios.

Behind Her Eyes season 2 is a highly anticipated television series. However, because the show was a limited series, there are doubts that a second season may not be released. Nevertheless, the show has become a fan favourite, and the producers are confident that an eager fanbase exists if it goes into production.

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