20 iconic Naruto female characters that have stood out in the popular manga series

20 iconic Naruto female characters that have stood out in the popular manga series

Who are the most iconic Naruto female characters? Well, it depends on your personal preference for a character. Some people prefer sweet, shy characters with a quiet demeanour contradicting their ability to fight like a pro. Others like the no-nonsense whose task is to keep everyone in line. Regardless of your personal preference, most have stood out in the popular manga series.

Naruto female characters
Yugito Nii. Photo: @yugito_twotails_ on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Naruto female characters have always come in handy in showcasing what the world of Naruto is made of. This includes action, story, culture, and emotions. The complexity of these characters makes the show’s story thrilling. In return, it has become one of the most sought-after series with a large vocal and passionate fan base.

Naruto female characters

Naruto is an adventure-filled manga series with various iconic and inspirational female characters. They have unique designs, fascinating stories, and powerful heroes and villains. Here is a list of the top 20 most iconic Naruto female characters that have stood out in the popular manga series.

1. Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto female characters
Kushina Uzumaki. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

She hails from Whirlpool Village. She is also a member of the Uzumaki clan. After the death of First Hokage’s wife, she became Kurama’s Jinchuuriki. Kushina is so excellent at Fuinjutsu that she taught Fourth Hokage Minato the sealing techniques.

She inherited a unique type of Chakra from being an Uzumaki clan descendant. She can transform her Chakra into chains that bind, restrain, and suppress the Nine-Tails in the real world and her mind.

2. Tsunade

Naruto female characters
Tsunade. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
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Tsunade is one of the three Konoha Sannins and a descendant of the Senju clan. Even though she was one of the strongest female characters, losing many loved ones in a row made her fear blood.

As a result, she gave up her career as a ninja for many years. However, she became the Fifth Hokage for the village's benefit. She did this by using her:

  • Skills
  • Strength
  • Understanding

3. Temari

Naruto female characters
Temari. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
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Temari is one of the smartest female characters in Naruto. Initially, she was a kunoichi of the Kazekage clan from Sand Village. However, she became a member of the Nara clan and relocated to Konoha after marrying Nara Shikamaru.

She is a wise, outspoken, and stoic girl in most shows. She has sandy blonde hair and dark brown eyes like her mother. Additionally, her outfits are made of:

  • Pale purple strapless skirt
  • Pastel pink sash around the waist
  • Mesh top on her shoulders
  • Meshed socks
  • Forehead protector

4. Hinata Hyuga

Naruto female characters
Hinata Hyuga. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Hinata is one of the most iconic Naruto characters and the eldest daughter of Hyuga Hiashi. In addition, she is also the leader and the successor of the Hyuga clan. But, unfortunately, she lost her position as the Hyuga’s heir in favour of Hinabi, her younger sister. As a result, Hinata's father sees her as a failure.

Byakugan and Taijutsu are her two main powers. When she activates her white eyes, the arteries and veins surrounding them become visible immediately. She inherited her mom's personality and has white skin and blue hair.

5. Konan

Naruto female characters
Konan. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Konan is one of the most iconic characters and among the most brilliant and talented ones. She is the co-founder of the Akatsuki organization. However, she stands out from the rest due to some of the values she holds.

For instance, she values teamwork and friendship and puts others' safety before hers. However, the past makes her emotional. She has grey eyes and blue hair, and her outfit consists of the following:

  • Large flower on her head
  • Akatsuki jacket
  • Akatsuki team’s emblem ring

6. Ino Yamanaka

Naruto female characters
Ino Yamanaka. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Ino is one of the best female Naruto characters from the Yamanaka clan of Konoha. She is one-third of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio alongside Akimichi Chojia and Nara Shikamaru. Even though she appears confident in her appearance, she tries to shed her weight to attract boys.

Asuma recognizes her as a talented Kunoichi, while her father believes she can become the strongest character in the Yamanaka clan. So Ino became a chunin after the time skip receiving lots of praise from her father for improving her skill during the Fourth Great War.

7. Mei Terumi

Naruto female characters
Mei Terumi. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Mei, also known as the Fifth Mizukage, is one of the most iconic Naruto characters. After Yagura's nightmare time came to an end, she assumed Mizukage’s role.

She has always been dedicated to re-establishing diplomatic relations and correcting internal conflict in the villages. Some of her outstanding attributes include the following:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Two Kekkei Genkai
  • Hidden Magic

8. Kurenai Yuhi

Naruto female characters
Kurenai Yuhi. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

She is a Sarutobi clan member and initially a jonin-level leader of Team 8 when she was a ninja. She possesses some powers that make her stand out from the rest. They include:

  • Getting into people’s subconscious
  • Using her hair to cover her whole body
  • Sealing techniques (she sealed Yakumo’s kekkei Genkai)

9. Rin Nohara

Naruto female characters
Rin Nohara. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Who is the most beautiful girl in Naruto? Rin Nohara is one of the most beautiful girls in Naruto. Initially, she was a tutor and student under the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. While on her mission, she usually teams up with Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake. Her outfits are:

  • Long-sleeved black top
  • Shorts
  • Light purple apron
  • Konoha’s anti-weapon coat (when on a mission)

10. Anko Mitarashi

Naruto female characters
Anko Mitarashi. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Getty Images

Anko Mitarashi was a student of Orochimaru from a young age. However, even though she was under training, the tutor used her as a tool. As a result, she is continuously haunted by everything done to her by the tutor, such as creating a curse seal and teaching ninjutsu. Nevertheless, despite being mistreated, she positively and greatly contributes to the ninja's training for the next generation.

11. Tenten

Naruto female characters
Tenten. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Getty Images

Even though Tenten is a supporting character, she is one of the most iconic. She takes part in many important details of the series. She works together with Neji and Lee, thus making a great trio. Some of her expertise include:

  • Employing ranged and melee assaults, ninjutsu
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • She is the fastest among her mates

12. Shizune

Naruto female characters
Shizune. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Getty Images

Who are the main girls in Naruto? Shizune is one of the main girls in Naruto. She is a female ninja, also known as Kunoichi of Konoha. She is an apprentice of the renowned Sannin Tsunade, making her an exemplary nurse under Tsunade’s tutelage.

During Tsunade’s sabbatical from Shinobi roles and responsibilities, Shizune is her action partner. When Tsunade became the Fifth Hokage and moved to Konoha, Shizune took over as his assistant. She also assisted the Sixth and Seventh Hokage.

13. Yugito Nii

Naruto female characters
Yugito Nii. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Yugito is one of the most iconic Naruto characters. She is a female kunoichi of Cloud Village and the jinchuuriki of the Two-Tails Cat. Yugito is capable of completing controlling two-tails powers. She can also transform into a miniature form when she pleases.

Her long blade-like claws are her most special and important strength in addition to fire ninjutsu. Together with her tailed beast's power, her skills are so powerful, earning great respect from Killer Bee, among other characters.

14. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Naruto female characters
Kaguya Otsutsuki. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Princess Kaguya is the mother of Hagoroma and Hamura Otsutsuki. She is the first person on earth to possess Chakra. In addition, she is one of the people who ate Shinju’s forbidden fruit which gave her incomparable invincible power.

After ending the Earth's chaotic war, Kaguya gained respect as the Rabbit goddess. She possesses all three ninjutsu types, including:

  • Byakugan
  • Sharingan
  • Rinnegan

15. Yugao Uzuki

Naruto female characters
Yugao Uzuki. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Yugao Uzuki is one of the best female characters in Naruto. From a young age, she was one of the Anbu members. However, later on, she worked under Kakashi Hatake’s guidance. She received her training from a kenjutsu expert known as Hayate. Uzuki is highly skilled in sensory techniques and swordsmanship (kenjutsu)

16. Chiyo

Naruto female characters
Chiyo. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

In the course of her long life, Chiyo has accomplished so much, making her stand out as one of the most iconic Naruto female characters. She is a former advisor of the Sand Village, a nurse, a puppeteer and a leader of Sand Village's Puppet Army.

She possessed great powers used for the benefit of those around her. For instance, using her powers, she sealed Shukaku into the unborn Gaara. Mostly, she wears a loose dark outfit with a poncho-like top (traditional Sanagakeru costume).

17. Sakura Haruno

Naruto female characters
Sakura Haruno. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Sakura is a Kunoichi from Konoha and a member of Team 7. She is constantly bullied due to her broad forehead, which gives her low self-esteem and guilt. However, she has a violent and ferocious personality. Her powers enable her to do a couple of things, such as:

  • Restarting people’s hearts
  • Healing wounds
  • Removing toxins

18. Karui

Naruto female characters
Karui. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Who is the baddest female in Naruto? Karui is one of the baddest female Narutos from the Land of Lightning. She attained training from Killer B, a man famous for his eight-tail sealed into her body.

Karui is capable of wiping out an entire field with his Katana. In addition, she offers calm and realistic forces for Omoi, her ridiculously pessimistic teammate. Loves of the famous manga series agree there is more to her than meets the eye.

19. Karin

Naruto female characters
Karin. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Karin was a subordinate of the Konoichi Kunoichi and Orochimaru and a descendant of the Uzumaki. On numerous occasions, Karin helped with Orochimaru’s experiments and was responsible for guarding the southern lair whenever Orochimaru was away on other missions.

Since Karin is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, she possesses an abundant source of life. As a result, this grants her intense vitality and long life.

20. Tayuya

Naruto female characters
Tayuya. Photo: @Naruto_Anime_EN
Source: Twitter

Tayuya started as the only female member of the Sound Four. This was a group of ninjas who were previously Orochimaru's prisoners. Later, they were promoted to the positions of bodyguards. To take on her opponents, Tayuya uses a combination of tactics and powers, such as:

Unfortunately, Tayuya and the rest of her teammates have never had the chance to pursue a life outside Orochimaru's control.

There are fewer amazing Naruto female characters to choose from than their male counterparts. This indicates the unbalanced nature of gender representations. Instead, the most iconic ones have stood out in the popular manga series.

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