Lady Calls Out Pastor For Preaching In Trotro: "I Am Genuinely Tired"

Lady Calls Out Pastor For Preaching In Trotro: "I Am Genuinely Tired"

  • A pastor's routine sermon in a commercial minibus took an unexpected turn when a woman confronted and berated him for allegedly causing a disturbance
  • The woman asserted that she had never witnessed individuals from other faiths preaching in public spaces
  • This triggered varied responses from online users, with some criticising the woman for her perceived rudeness while others voiced agreement with her perspective

A video of a lady expressing displeasure at a pastor preaching in a commercial minibus has sparked reactions on social media.

A mature black man wearing church choir robes, standing in front of a red curtain with a serious expression, and a woman calling out the preacher.
The woman argued that she did not understand why preachers feel they have the right to preach in commercial minibuses. Photo: Kali9/mlikenn6II.
Source: UGC

What exactly happened?

The lady who appeared to be standing in the commercial minibus with the preacher seemingly behind her holding a bible asked other commuters whether they were at ease with the preacher's sermon taking place within the vehicle.

The woman expressed her perplexity regarding why preachers enter commercial minibuses and presume they possess the entitlement to disturb a peaceful journey.

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"I don't understand why Christians claim autonomy of free speech. You try and exercise your free speech anywhere else everyone bashes you, but pastors feel they can come into peaceful public commutes and preach the word," she said.

She contended that she has never observed individuals from other faiths engaging in public preaching.

"They shove their beliefs down our throats."

She additionally emphasised that if individuals desired to hear the word of God, they would attend church on a Sunday.

How did netizens react?

The video sparked mixed reactions from netizens. Some agreed with the lady, while others completely disagreed, saying there was nothing wrong with the pastor preaching.

Miss Ndege:

"The same should be done to mosques making noise from 5am with their prayers."


"I love this .. we should emancipate ourselves from mental slavery."

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Poetic justice:

"I told one off Kwa bus ya utawala and I was made the subject of the preaching."

Mirror account:

"Invest kwa earphones tu na playlist ya Dancehall (Millennials) or "Arbantone" (Gen Z) Usikue rude kwake ivo."

Ludo Queen:

"What's wrong with preaching God's word in a matatu?"

Waingo Africa:

"This is silly,she is wrong in every way,the pastor did not force her to listen."

Raphael Imani:

"The pastor is exercising his freedom of speech just the same way she is ,what’s her point?"

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