Chelsea are being helped by Liverpool and Manchester City

Chelsea are being helped by Liverpool and Manchester City

Manchester City(23) Liverpool(23)and Chelsea (21) sit at the top of the Premier League.

However, it seems as if only the first two teams are getting all the attention. Chelsea is apparently standing in the shadows of the first two teams. If you are into betting with Betway, and don’t think twice before betting in on your favorite teams, you might want to reconsider your strategy with this piece of news.

People are already speculating that the battle will be between Liverpool and Manchester City. After the international break, it seemed as if worked great for Manchester City because they have improved in their gameplay. They have mostly worked on their defense which has allowed them to sit at the top of the Premier League.

On the other hand, Liverpool had an early lead during the start of the campaign. They have continued to be thrown together with Manchester City to the Premier League race. Although it is clear that the rivalry between this two has intensified over the past 12 months.

Chelsea has gone ahead to be considered as the dark horses of the Premier League. The thing about the Premier League is that it is unpredictable. This means that any team which is participating can score some points.

Can Chelsea Get Back on their Feet?

Chelsea is under a new boss Maurizio Sarri. A lot of fans are speculating that the new style of football which Sarri has introduced has had a positive impact on the club. This is the so-called Sarri ball with the Jorghino fundamental play. Chelsea is now attacking more as Jorghino is working from the quarterback.

Eden Hazard has been named as arguably the best player in the Premier League. This has prompted the other the players to become better. When you look at the club play there is no player who is selfish with the ball. They have further gone to create space for Jorghino.

The current state of the club has gone to surprise Sarri. According to reports, Sarri thought that it would take three months for the club to implement his philosophy. However, Eden Hazard has not been shy to say that the team is after the Premier League. Moreover, his skills on the field speak it all.

However, the team faces a tough challenge of having to handle Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. These three teams have proven to be the most powerful in the league. Moreover, after the draw to Manchester United, it was clear that Jose Mourinho was furious. His team has lost two crucial points.

However, this does not diminish the newfound positivity. Sarri has become a bit more lenient with the rules and has eased the tension especially in the locker room. Apparently, this will be Antonio Conte's last reign in the club.

This change is what the team has been needing after they finished fifth last season. A little bit of patience and the team will be the new champions.


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