That was the day that changed my life - Hulk Hogan reveals the greatest moment of his career

That was the day that changed my life - Hulk Hogan reveals the greatest moment of his career

It has been 35 years since Hulk Hogan first won his first World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) title at the Madison Square Garden.

And the Wrestling icon took a walk down memory lane to recount the greatest moment of his career that defined him as one of the great founders of wrestling entertainment.

That was the day that changed my life - Hulk Hogan reveals the greatest moment of his career
Wrestler Terry 'Hulk' Hogan poses for a photo on November 1, 1999 backstage prior to performing in Tampa, Florida.

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It was January 1984, when the Hulkster defeated the Iron Sheik and took the wrestling industry by storm, inspiring a generation of superstars including the Rock and John Cena.

"The night that changed my life, 35 years ago on January 23, 1984," hogan said.
"The crowd was magic that night, it was the first time that I wrestled when everybody stood up. Everybody was screaming and yelling the whole time.
"It set a precedence because from that day forward, every single time I climbed in the ring, it didn't matter if it was against John Studd, or Kong Bundy, or Andre, or Macho, or Piper, the was that intense," he went on.

The WWE legend also took to Twitter to wish Hulkamania a happy 35th birthday on Wednesday, January 23.

Hogan also touched on his relationship with Vince McMahon, and how it felt to come back and work for him, after having worked for his father before leaving the WWWF on bad terms.

"Vince Mcmahon was taking over the company from his dad Vince Sr. I had left the WWWF when Vince Sr was in charge, and I was a bad guy," he recalled.

"So coming back I was not sure how i would be received. Coming through the tunnel, I was thinking, this is gonna gonna be the greatest day of my life, or its not going to go well, but it was the greatest day of my life, that days changed my life forever, " Hogan said.

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The Hulkster and Vince set out on a personal mission to change the business forever and wanted to make wrestling a massive international success — and they did.

"Vince Mcmahon and I dug in really hard and wanted to change this business forever," the 65-year-old said.
"Making it an international phenom, a juggernaut as Vince would say. We did that," he said.

Hogan looked back on all the pro wrestlers he had inspired and said it really was something that moved him greatly.

"And as I think of all the Superstars like John Cenas that we Hulkmaniacs, Seth Rollins was a Hulkmaniac, me throwing my headband and the Rock catching it when he was ten years old.
"It really hits home to realise how many people we touched," he said.


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