Black Stars get $10,000 as winning bonus...?

Black Stars get $10,000 as winning bonus...?

Editorial Note: Saddick Adams, known in the sports fraternity in Ghana as ‘SportsObama' shares his opinion on what he thinks the Black Stars will receive as winning bonus after they defeated Mozambique at the Accra sports stadium in an AFCON qualifier on Thursday.

Adams, a sports journalist shared the post below on his Facebook wall. Comparing the bonuses the senior national team collect to their counterparts from countries like England, Germany, and the USA; is asking all this for a team (Black Stars) that hasn't won ANYTHING in over 28 years…?

Black Stars get $10,000 as winning bonus...?
Frank Acheampong for Black Stars against Mozambique

Each Ghana Black Stars player will receive $10,000 if they beat Mozambique in the African Cup of Nations qualifier this afternoon. So in effect, 23 players plus 10 technical staff will pluck over $350,000 from the national coffers (in bonuses alone) if they beat 100th placed Mozambique by even a 1-0 scoreline.

Also note that Avram Grant, the head coach will pocket a double of whatever amount the players receive, plus his $50,000 salary at the end of the month.

Ghana's qualifiers in 2016 include opponents such as Mauritius, Rwanda, Mozambique and Comoros. $10,000 for a win in all cases, no joke.

Government (with tax payers money) also provides business class tickets for all invited footballers and (in our case) coaches. Government also foot the bill for accommodation at a plush hotel, feeding and a daily per diem of not less than 200 dollars. That is just how much we spend each week, there's a Black Stars show.

But this is how much ENGLAND, Ghana's colonial masters, pays it super star footballers in bonuses for the Euro 2016 Qualifiers.

£1,500 for a win

£1,000 for a draw

£500 for a defeat

In England, they say footballers must earn at their clubs- playing for the national team must be PRIDE.

Here we say playing for GHANA is BUSINESS.

Don't fault us. Football (National Team) in Ghana is life. That is why we prioritise it over HEALTH, EDUCATION and even SECURITY. So if you see school children learning whiles lying face down because government  cannot provide $2,000 to purchase furniture that will last 10 years.

Yet we dish out close to $1 million in a week in preparation to beat Mozambique in a football match, don't blame us. We are Ghana. That is why we lack basic drugs at hospitals. That is why we rather flew rice and sugar to accident victims in Kintampo, yet flew $4.5 million dollars to footballers in Brazil to buy one point of shame.

We are not animals, we just love what we do.

Goodluck Ghana!!

Meanwhile, the Black Stars of Ghana beat their Mozambique counterpart 3-1 in the first leg of the double-header AFCON qualifier.

Ghana's goals were courtesy Frank Acheampong, John Boye and Jordan Ayew before Apson Majante pulled one back for the Mambas in a 3-1 win that keeps the Black Stars on course for a place at the 2017 Nations Cup.

Credit: Saddick Adams (Facebook post)


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