Sulley Muntari smacks referee

Sulley Muntari smacks referee

- Sulley Muntari has been accused of slapping a local referee during a local friendly match

- The incident allegedly occurred exactly a week ago

Former Black Star international midfielder, Sulley Muntari, has yet again let allowed his temper to get the best of him and attacked a referee during a friendly match staged at the Kotobabi Wembley in Accra.

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Sulley Muntari smacks referee
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During a friend match between the Sulley Muntari XI and Laryea Kingston XI played a week ago in Kotobabi, former Black Stars midfielder is said to have lost his temper with one of the match officials and slapped him twice.

According to Mr. John Terry, the match official who says he was slapped by Sulley Muntari, the former Black Stars player's attack came without warning.

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Mr. Terry related that Sulley Muntari allegedly became upset when the referee stopped the game in order to see to replay the game in Sulley Team's advantage. something that didn't go down too well with Sulley Muntari.

Speaking to Peace FM, referee John Terry stated that he gave Sulley Muntari a yellow card after he [Sulley] initially expressed discontent with his [Terry] decision to stop the game by grabbing the ball with both hands.

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It was at this point that Sulley Muntari bee lined straight to him [Terry] and slapped him, at which point the referee gave Sulley a red card.

"...he took the ball and played it out of the field of play. I was surprised and the players around couldn’t do anything since all were similarly surprised too,” said John Terry. “When that happened, players of both sides talked to me not to retaliate and forget . . . Laryea Kingston spoke to me to let things go and at that moment I let go,” he said, speaking on Peace Power Sports.

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