Swedish reduces incarcerated Ghanaian players jail sentence

Swedish reduces incarcerated Ghanaian players jail sentence

- Swedish Court of Appeal has reduced Ghanaian midfielder Kwame Bonsu's jail sentence

- Kwame Bonsu's new lawyer secured the sentence reduction after taking over the case

- The Ghanaian midfielder's lawyer is well known for winning difficult cases

A Swedish Court of Appeals has reduced the jail sentence of Kwame Bonsu, a 22-year-old Ghanaian footballer convicted of sexually assaulting his Swedish spouse by the Gävle District Court.

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Swedish reduces incarcerated Ghanaian players jail sentence
Swedish based Ghanaian midfielder, Kwame Bonsu

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A Swedish Court of Appeals has taken two months off of Ghanaian Midfielder, Kwame Bonsu's two year jail sentence after a Swedish district court jailed the young Ghanaian footballer for the assault and rape of his wife.

22-year-old Kwame Bonsu was sentenced to two years in prison and subsequent deportation from Sweden for the rape and assault of his wife, Marie Magnusson, by a Gävle District Court.

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Further reports also indicated that Mr. Kwame Bonsu will have to shell out 122,600 Swedish Kronor to his Swedish wife has compensation/damages for his charges.

Following his guilty verdict and subsequent sentencing, 22-year-old Kwame Bonsu finally got a reduction to his assault and rape sentence after a veteran Swedish legal practitioner, Mr. Leif Silbersky, was finally allowed to step in and represented the embattled young sportsman.

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Mr. Leif Silbersky had reportedly been denied the chance to represent Kwame Bonsu as a public lawyer, but reports have it that the veteran lawyer finally "jumped in" to aid the former Gävle midfielder.

Though the two month sentence reduction may seem insignificant in light of the total charges, Mr. Leif Silbersky is said to be still keen on getting the entire verdict overturned so the Ghanaian footballer could go free.

Check out video of Kwame Bonsu's wife telling him why she married him below:

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