Gaza Killings: List of Countries Supporting Israel

Gaza Killings: List of Countries Supporting Israel

  • The Israel-Palestine war is one of the latest armed conflicts rocking the universe, as the Israeli army has continued to bomb the Gaza strip
  • This happened barely two years after the Russian military commenced its invasion of Ukraine, a neighbouring country
  • Since Israel began the killings in Gaza, more than 9000 persons have reportedly died, according to the Palestinian Authority

The international community has been rocked with armed conflicts, with the superpowers bombing one another in the quest to dominate.

About two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine commenced, the world experienced another attack by Israel against the people of Gaza following an attack from the radical group Hamas on Israeli territory on Saturday, October 7.

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Countries supporting Israel in the Gaza invasion Photo Credit: Joe Biden
Source: UGC

Why Israel is attacking Palestine

The Hamas attack has led to the death of 1,4000, and about 230 have been kidnapped, BBC Pidgin reported.

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In reprisal attacks, Israel has been bombing the Gaza Strip since the invasion, and the number of civilian casualties has gotten to 9000 as of Thursday, November 9, according to Palestinian authorities.

However, different countries of the world have taken the position to support either Israel or condemn the actions of Hamas.

US expresses commitment to Israel's cause

The United States has expressed commitment to the people of Israel, adding that its support for Israel's security would remain solid.

Following the incident on October 7, US President Joe Biden confirmed the US superpower position as the main political, economic and military ally of Israel.

Since the Hamas attacks, the White House has shown solid support for Benjamin Netanyahu's government. Secretary of State Antony Blinken had visited before the visit of President Biden.

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The US has sent two aircraft carriers from its fleet to Israel's shores to protect its Middle East ally.

Biden has rejected the call for a ceasefire in Gaza, and he is pressing on his country's congress to approve an aid package of over US$14 billion for military defence of Israel.

Other countries supporting Israel

Aside from the US, other allies are listed below:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. Italy and the European Union
  5. Eastern European countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic.

Nigeria, Israel, Egypt, 28 other countries where US does not have ambassadors

Earlier, the US lamented not having a functioning ambassador in about 31 countries across the world, including Nigeria, Egypt and Israel.

Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US State Department, who disclosed this said the senate did not confirm the nominees for the positions.

Hamas vs Israel: Things to know

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Earlier, reported on things to know about Hamas' attack on Israel.

Recall that according to Israeli media, at daybreak on Saturday, October 7, gunmen had opened fire on passers-by in the town of Sderot, and footage circulating on social media appeared to show clashes in city streets as well as gunmen in jeeps roaming the countryside.

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