News Manifesto

Our mission is to provide Ghanaians with journalism that matters.

We cover high-quality and impartial current affairs, politics, education, health, culture, business, entertainment, and technology news stories.

Our values

Editorial Integrity

We gather information from authoritative sources, organise it, and present it to our audience in an unbiased and comprehensive way. As an independent media organisation, we generate revenue primarily from advertising. Thus, is not influenced by outside interests that could undermine the integrity of our journalism.

Public Interest

We work in the public interest by pursuing stories that matter to our readers. Our journalistic approach is to establish the truth and uphold the strictest reporting standards to deliver factual coverage.

Balance and Fairness

We uphold balance and fairness in our journalism by avoiding a one-sided perspective of an issue, except it is the author's perspective. Although we are not responsible for the author's point of view, we reserve the right to post opposing viewpoints as long as they are not considered propaganda, do not support violence, and do not foster animosity.

Diversity of Thought frequently deals with difficult and controversial material, which occasionally may offend sections of the audience. However, alternative viewpoints support our mission to foster and promote a range of perspectives on problems and the diversity of media content.

Protection of Vulnerable Group

Our reporting should never purposefully cause hurt or harm to members of the public. seeks to prevent unjustified offence to vulnerable groups while providing them with the protection they need.

Respect for Privacy also protect people's right to privacy by only disclosing personal information to the public in cases where doing so serves the greater good rather than a person's genuine right to privacy.

Accuracy goes to great lengths to verify data. Our stories are instantly updated when necessary to ensure maximum integrity, accuracy, and general fidelity to the facts. Our readers have the opportunity to participate in this process as well.

Why is it so important?

For journalists/media houses:

  • To avoid errors that can damage credibility and trust
  • To gain a wider audience/readership/viewership
  • (Business) sustainability

For the readers:

  • It fights misinformation/disinformation
  • It helps readers make informed decisions
  • It helps to curtail decisions that could result from misinformation/disinformation
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