KSM Happy With Comedy In Ghana

KSM Happy With Comedy In Ghana

KSM Happy With Comedy In Ghana
Kweku Sintim-Misa (KSM)


Ghana’s satirist and Chief King of Comedy, Kweku  Sintim-Misa has expressed his excitement at the gradual  progress in Ghana’s comedy Industry.

He noted that the rise is gradual but the Industry would get there. KSM as he is popularly called showered praises on comedian DKB for lifting up the name of the Industry through his recent performances.

“I am much happier now than I was last year. The comedy Industry is gradually gaining grounds. DKB has been able to prove that the Ghanaian comedy industry has the ability to stand on its own legs”, he reiterated.

Speaking on Pluzz Fm morning show with host Sammy Flex, the veteran comedian noted that DKB’s performance has changed the perception of others about Ghana, with regards to comedy and  he added that “I am happy that  Ghanaian comedians are striving to make a mark”, he added.

While applauding the young comedians for changing the perception of the Industry, KSM beseeched them to develop their potentials and gradually contribute to unveiling the veil covering Ghana’s comedy Industry.

“Gradually the veil covering the Industry is being lifted off. Comedians need to practice with all the vim and valour to get there”, he stressed.

KSM who has started a campaign on social media with the tag #CHANGE THE MEMO” explained that the campaign Is to get the youth to do away with the frustration, misguided direction and attitudes inherited from the past generation.

“This generation is what I call the electronic generation. You can’t be in the electronic generation and carry analog ideas to be able to survive. This is the digital generation. To find yourself in this generation, there is the need to change to survive in this electronic generation”, he emphasized.

“Stop talking about haters pullingyou down. When people pull you down it means they are down. A person has to be below you to be able to pull you down. The onus lies on you to do what you have to do to prove to them that you will arise when they pull you down”, he added.

KSM called on the youth to become drivers and take control of their lives. He urged them not to be content with mediocrity and laziness, adding that if the youth adapts these ideologies inherited from the past generation to today, they are bound to fail.

KMS who mentioned that he is ever ready to mentor the youth hinted that he will do all the best in his lifetime to impact into the youth to help change their psyche.

He noted that he wants to leave a legacy as getting the youth to change the memo via his social media sites with the hash tag (#) CHANGE THE MEMO).

By Gabriella Kubach Annan

Source: YEN.com.gh

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