10 best Patapaa songs, ranked

10 best Patapaa songs, ranked

Patapaa was born Justice Amoah. The singer, songwriter, and comedian has become a sensation among hiplife fans across Ghana. Patapaa songs often have themes of joy, dancing and celebrating. He has worked with top names in the industry and even released widely played songs like My Destiny, Teacher Kwadwo, Adam Konkonsa, and Pozo. His 2017 single One Corner put him in the spotlight, making him a name to watch out for in the hiplife genre.

Patapaa songs
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Patapaa has been improving in his art ever since he started singing professionally in 2017. He is a 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards nominee thanks to his song One Corner which was nominated in the Song of the Year and Hip-Life Song of the Year categories.

Patapaa is never shy about working with artists who do the same kind of music as him. You will see new Patapaa songs with upcoming artists now and then. He has collaborated with veterans in the industry and upcoming artists and made lovely tracks for his fans.

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Top 10 Patapaa songs

Patapaa became an internet sensation when a word he used in his track, Skopaumana, became popularly used as a caption for videos and images on social media. This boosted his rating and made him more famous. The following are his top songs:

1. Sweet Honey - Patapaa ft Stonebwoy

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Patapaa and the talented Stonebwoy collaborated on this wonderful piece of music that still has fans singing along to the lines. Sweet Honey is a sweet-sounding highlife song that has to be played on repeat for one to enjoy the work the two artists put in properly.

Patapaa and Stonebwoy have an amazing working relationship when it comes to music. The two blend their verses flawlessly, creating a distinct and friendly sound that makes even those who were previously not interested to pay attention.

2. Daavi Neba - Patapaa

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Patapaa's Daavi Neba is one of those tracks that cheer you up when you are down. The energy shown by Patapaa in the visuals is commendable. The dancers did not disappoint as they showed their astounding moves throughout the track.

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Daavi Neba is a simple track that is to be enjoyed when one is partying or wants to release stress. The tempo, funny lines, and expression of the artist make this jam a bomb. The neighbourhood touch and that general Ghanaian energy felt throughout the track make it a gem.

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3. Kumchacha - Patapaa ft Sticker and Vyper

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Patapaa’s Kumchacha gets you in the right mood to be active and energetic as you go on with your day. The Ghanaian artist features Sticker and Vyper in this lively track making it even more awesome.

The repetition of some phrases makes the track catchy and fun to sing along. Fans who love songs at a fast pace will enjoy Kumchacha.

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4. That Thing - Article Wan ft Patapaa

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It is not the first time for Patapaa and Article Wan to collaborate on a track. The two have time and again proved to their fans what a power duo they are. That Thing was received well by fans when it dropped.

Article Wan and Patapaa seem to be enjoying themselves in the video. The visuals are clean, nicely directed, and the dramatization is coated with a bit of humour. That Thing is one of the most popular tracks that Justice has collaborated with another Ghanaian artist.

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5. Kitchen Stool - Patapaa ft Osahene Pablo and Shi Wayne

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Shi Wayne brought her powerful vocals to this track that she collaborated with Patapaa and Osahene Pablo. The trio delivered a nice flow, marvellous beats, and sweet lines that are easy to memorize. Osahene Pablo did not disappoint either as he fused well with the two artists.

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Kitchen Stool goes ahead to show that when Ghanaian artistes collaborate on a track, they sometimes make it sound better than how it would have sounded with a solo artist. Justice was a genius for featuring Osahene Pablo and Shi Wayne.

6. One Corner - Patapaa ft Ras Cann and Mr Loyalty

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The video is explicit, showing some scenes which can be deemed X Rated. This, however, does not take the fun out of the music. In One Corner, Patapaa, Ras Cann and Mr Loyalty get to be extra with their lyrics and their presentation of the visuals.

The video is shot in the most unusual of locations, adding the amusement element in the music. One Corner is a club banger that is still enjoyed by many today. The hit track may not appeal to everyone, but fans can see the talent in the artists involved.

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7. My Lady - Patapaa ft AY Poyoo

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If you want to experience Justice’s soft side, listen to My Lady. The artiste who often adopts aggressive fast beats in his music sounds sweet and mushy. His words sound like they were distinctly made for this beat.

AY Poyoo was also amazing on his part. His verse was great and took a superb direction, flowing well with Justice. My Lady is a catchy tune that many people can relate to. The delivery of My Lady shows how far he has come.

8. Suro Nipa - Patapaa ft Nicholas Melody

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The first thing anyone would notice after putting Patapaa's Suro Nipa on is the clean visuals. The location, wardrobe of the artists, colour coordination, and general production of the video was A1. The children featured in the video bring more life to the track.

Suro Nipa is a happy song. Justice and Nicholas Melody knew that they were making a hit with this song. The beats, verses, friendly hook, and energy radiated by everyone in the video made this song a success. The hook carries the song as it is not only catchy but also melodious.

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9. Skopatumana - Patapaa

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Skopatumana was another of the many Justice tracks before the phrase Skopatumana, also spelt as Sco Pa Tu Manaa by Twitter users, became an internet buzzword. Curiosity by netizens drove them to look for this track which is still being played heavily.

Skopatumana is a happy jam that will put you in the mood of dancing and celebrating. Not many people understood the meaning of the word but enjoyed the music regardless as the singer knows how to get new fans to love his music.

10. Corona Virus - Patapaa

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Corona Virus is one of Patapaa latest songs. Like many artists worldwide, Justice released a track talking about the pandemic. Corona Virus song touches on the effects of the virus and how it has changed how things operate.

The artist also attempts to create awareness about COVID-19 and how people should protect themselves. Despite being a pandemic track, Corona Virus sounds like a catchy and happy tune that people can dance to. The location and the people in the video make the situation appear lighter.

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As an upcoming artist, Patapaa’s focus is to grow his fan base and expand his discography. His chill songs are meant to help one forget the difficulties of life. He sometimes touches on societal issues though this is a rare side of him. Ghanaians have hope with the young musician as they praise Patapaa songs and believe the future for him is bright.

Yen.com.gh reported on May 14, the top ten hiplife songs in Ghana. Some of the top songs include Painkiller by Sarkodie, One Corner by Patapaa, and Zylofon by Shatta Wale among others.

For more than a decade now, hiplife songs have been rocking clubs and homes all over Ghana. The musicians' main focus is on creating entertaining and creative content for their loyal fans.

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