Adom TV Jiji Maa cast names, photos, full story

Adom TV Jiji Maa cast names, photos, full story

Very few actors can make you fall in love with the characters they play. The actors on Jiji Maa go above and beyond to achieve this. This has made their show a fan favourite all over the world. It makes sense that everyone who loves this show wants to meet the people who portray these characters so well.

Adom TV Jiji Maa
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Jiji Maa, which means Sister Mother is an Indian drama television series produced by Jay Productions that stars Tanvi Dogra and Dishank Arora. The story is set in Jaipur and revolves around two sisters, Falguni and Niyati Purohit. For those who haven't watched the movie yet, catch Jiji Maa on Adom TV and get immersed in this terrific tale of love and loss. You can also see Jiji Maa written update where you read written versions of the episodes.

Jiji Maa full story

When Falguni and Niyati's mother dies, she leaves Niyati in Falguni's care. She tells Falguni that she is now Niyati's sister mother. The name of the show is a direct translation of this title that Falguni is given. As the series progresses, we see Falguni make a lot of sacrifices for her sister.

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This proceeds even to their adult life where Falguni sacrifices, even more, to ensure that her younger sister gets a happy life. The two sisters take us on a rollercoaster of emotions as we watch them face one hurdle after another. Despite the curveballs that are thrown their way, the sisters find their way back to each other every time. In the end, they both find love and live happily ever after.

Jiji Maa characters real names

The series has had numerous characters over time, and they have all shown exceptional talent. The Jiji Maa cast is one of a kind as the actors have good relationships, both onset and offset. This leads to the perfect chemistry that we see on the screen. Read on to see Jiji Maa cast real name with image of them as a bonus.

1. Tanvi Dogra as Falguni Purohit

tanvi dogra
Image:, @tanvi.dogra
Source: Instagram

Tanvi is an Indian actress and also an iOS app developer who plays Falguni on this show. Falguni is Niyati and Piyali's sister, Suyash's wife, and Laddoo's mother. Tanvi plays all these sides of the character Falguni excellently. With her charming beauty and talent, it is no surprise that Falguni is one of the favourite characters of the show.

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2. Dishank Arora as Suyash Jayant Rawat

Dishank Arora
Image:, @dishankarora9
Source: Instagram

Dishank Arora is a 35-year-old actor who is born and raised in Delhi, India. He plays Suyash, the son of Jayant and Gayatri, Uttara's nephew, Falguni's husband, Laddoo's father, and Vidhaan's stepbrother.

3. Bhavika Sharma as Niyati Purohit

Bhavika Sharma
Image:, @bhavikasharma53
Source: Instagram

Bhavika is a talented 21-year-old actress who portrays Niyati in the show. Niyati is Falguni's sister and Vidhaan's wife. She won the heart of many viewers with her outstanding performance in the show.

4. Rajeev Paul as Jayant Rawa

Rajev Paul
Image:, @rajevpaul
Source: Instagram

Rajeev is an established actor who is also an author. He wrote a book named Mumbai Mohabbat aur Tanhai. In this show, he plays Jayant, who is Gayatri and Uttara's husband, Suyash and Vidhaan's father, and Laddoo's grandfather.

5. Pallavi Pradhan as Uttara Rawat (née Choksi)

Pallavi Pradhan
Image:, @pallavipradhan1410
Source: Instagram

Pallavi is an Indian television and film actress. She has appeared in several other films and television shows, but her performance in Jiji Maa is unparalleled. She even received an award for Best Actor in Negative- Female, for her portrayal of Uttara.

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6. Shubhashish Jha as Vidhaan Jayant Rawa

Shubhashish Jha
Image:, @shubhashishjha
Source: Instagram

Shubhashish is a talented Indian actor who has taken on many roles in film and television. In this show, he plays Vidhaan, the son of Uttara and Jayant, Suyash's stepbrother, and Niyati's husband.

7. Urfi Javed as Shravani Purohit/ Piyali Sehgal

Urfi Javed
Image:, @urf7i
Source: Instagram

Urfi is a talented actress who started off working as a fashion designer's assistant before moving to Mumbai to become an actress.

8. Charu Asopa as Shravani Purohit/ Piyali Sehgal

Charu Asopa
Image:, @asopacharu
Source: Instagram

Charu replaced Urfi Javed as Piyali, who was the main female antagonist in the show. Her performance in the role is excellent.

9. Naveen Pandita as Karma

Naveen Pandita
Image:, @naveen_pandita_fc
Source: Instagram

Naveen plays Karma, who is Piyali's love interest.

10. Krutika Desai Khan as Haryali Rawat

Krutika Desai
Source: UGC

Krutika is an excellent actress who has been active for decades. All her performances are epic, and she has become a household name in the industry. She plays Haryali, who is Jayant's sister.

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11. Gauransh Sharma as Govind "Laddoo" Rawat

Gauransh Sharma
Image:, @callmegauransh
Source: Instagram

Gauransh is a child actor who is extremely talented for his age. He has made appearances in several films. He plays Laddoo, who is the son of Falguni and Suyash. He plays the character very well and is one of the fan favourites.

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12. Randheer Rai as Abhishek Sanghvi

Randheer Rai
Image:, @iamrandheerrai
Source: Instagram

Abhishek is Suyash's business rival.

13. Rashmi Singh as Shreya

Rahmi Singh
Image:, @rashmisingh_09
Source: Instagram

Rashmi plays Shreya in the show. Shreya is Suyash's friend, who went to college with him.

14. Ayesha Vindhara as Chiku

Ayesha Vindhara
Image:, @aayesha.vindhara
Source: Instagram

Ayesha plays Chiku, Shreya's daughter.

15. Anjali Gupta as Gayatri Rawat (née Choksi)

Anjali Gupta
Image:, @anjaligupta007
Source: Instagram

Anjali is a popular actress in the industry. She plays Gayatri, who is Jayant's first wife, Uttara's sister, and the biological mother of Suyash.

This list of Jiji Maa cast real names should help you learn more about your favourite actors and actresses. You can even check out other movies they are in to see more of their performances.

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