5 bad habits that Ghanaians have adopted from the West

5 bad habits that Ghanaians have adopted from the West

As Ghanaians we most often like to copy from the first world countries. Perhaps, it’s not a Ghanaian thing, but rather something synonymous with the African continent.

Modernization and, to some extent civilization, has had so much effect on us that we blindly copy almost everything from the west.

For some Ghanaians, though, their dream life is to live like people from the West and to do their things as such.

And although copying in itself is not bad, copying the wrong things from Westerners is something we must do away with.

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Here are five bad habits Ghanaians have hurriedly adopted from the West:

1. Eating junk foods

Formerly, the average Ghanaians would request for his/her banku or tuo zaafi first before anything else.

However, this situation is much different now, with many Ghanaians opting for the pizzas, spaghettis and other junk foods instead.

Such foods are known to be consumed by Westerners, with a significant percentage of their population reportedly consuming fast foods in a day. But Ghanaians have now bought into the idea too.

2. The Black Friday craze

Black Friday started in countries like America, with retailers often giving discounts for their products during such times.

However, the craze has now spread so fast across the world that Ghanaians have also hopped in and are practicing it in Ghana.

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3. 24/7 on the TV

The USA for example is known to be a country where citizens are so crazy about watching television. However, 24/7 television is popular across many western countries.

Ghana, though, has adopted this trend quickly and you will be amazed by the number of hours some Ghanaians spend watching TV.

4. Multiple job fixated

Citizens in Western countries usually work both day and night and spend hours at the work places.

The situation is now virtually the same with Ghanaians, with many people also now working on multiple fronts and for longer hours.

5. Social Media addiction

No study has been done on this, but it is fair to say Ghanaians are gradually matching Westerners when it comes to time spent on social media.

Many Ghanaians are often on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms and the number keeps increasing with each passing day.

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