Revealed: How Kenya's richest daughter actually lost 80 kilos in months!

Revealed: How Kenya's richest daughter actually lost 80 kilos in months!

- Anerlisa Muigai, the heiress to Keroche Breweries, stunned fans with her weight loss success

- She lost over 80 kilos but people claimed she'd had weight loss surgeries to achieve the fete

- She took to social media to finally reveal the truth of how she shed off the kilos

Kenya’s richest heiress Anerlisa Muigai took to social media on Monday, April 10, to put to rest claims that she’s had surgery after she shared photos of her unbelievable weight loss success.

anerlisa mungai
Anerlisa Muigai before and during her weight loss journey.

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"To answer the question of how many years I have struggled with my weight is actually 10 years. I started caring less of what I ate,

"So to explain the 1st picture ( 7 years i go) I lost all the weight in just 3 months (35 kgs). I was on a strict vegan and juicing diet which I later found was unrealistic and that's the reason I added all the weight back,

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anerlisa mungai

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"The 2nd picture ( 4 years ago,) I decided to join a fitness camp where we were locked up from food temptations for 5 months and lost about 44 kgs. I also had the opportunity of training with one of the best trainers ever but unfortunately, I couldn't sustain the weight loss as when I left to go home, i was not shown how to deal with the after-math,

"I remember when i came back home from the fitness camp, some friends said all sorts of things including liposuction and tummy tuck but I have always been that person who let people say whatever they want, I never have anything to prove back,

anerlisa mungai

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"Fast forward to today, I decided to take time (1 year and 6 months) to loose the weight slowly and the right way. My current trainer has always told me to do it slowly and sure ( long term results),

"From my past experience, I learnt yes you can loose weight in a very short time but its not sustainable. I never gave up, I still believed I can do it again and this time sharing my story with lots of people encouraged me to keep up,

anerlisa mungai

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"I still get scared of regaining my weight back but I have kept my head up. Those who lost hope please know that it's never too late to restart again. " Don't let your struggle be your identity" wrote Anerlisa.

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