Latest loose braids rasta hairstyles

Latest loose braids rasta hairstyles

Box braids have been in style for the longest time. However, their popularity grew in the 90’s where they were about the ethnic and the sexy style. It is made by having long hair of strands seemed together in a cool way. Today most women of color who choose to have their hair natural lean towards having box braids to have their hair well protected. The box braids have been a concept that has been embraced by the African tribes. The revival in the loose braids for black women was in 2015 where even celebrities were seen rocking the hairstyle that made them more popular. To get the latest braids in Ghana you can surf the internet to see pictures of female cornrow styles as well as pictures of loose braids rasta. We tell you about the 25 best box braids style.

Latest loose braids rasta hairstyles
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There are several reasons to have loose rasta braids on. They include:

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  • Protecting the hair from harmful elements by ensuring the ends are well tucked in and is best done for braids for natural hair
  • It is a low maintenance style
  • It is quite convenient
  • Helps deal with the frizz that comes when one's hair s exposed to humidity
  • Keeping the hair in this style is quite hassle free and does not take a lot of time getting ready

When you choose which size of natural hair braids to go with you, need to ensure that your hair is clean before having your hair braided. You also have to consider the time you will need to have the hair done. It takes a lot of time than usual when having the box braid done.

Loose rasta braids hairstyles

The following are some african braids hairstyles that are versatile when you want to try it out

1. Long and thin loose rasta braids with a side part

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With box braids, it is a very common thing to have them with an extra length. The length add ,ore style to the hairstyle. Especially for the braids that fall all the way to the waste lines. Although they might be really heavy, having them thin can add to the beauty of the hairstyles. With these hairstyles, you can add some thick eyebrows and bold lips to help you have an attractive exotic look.

2. Long and medium box braids

Rasta braids styles

Long braids are more common, and we have seen it with most people around. Some are thinner, but there are those that are thicker than the usual. Thicker braids are more relaxed, and for women, with color, this hairstyle goes well with makeup that has bold eyes.

3. Silver box braids for natural hair

Latest braids in Ghana

There are pretty long braids that are in granny chic silver grey. The multiple strands make them look exquisite. This color works best with the medium length or the length that falls just below the shoulders. The colors also look great when styled casually. It goes well with a bold lip and contoured check bones or even adds some lashes.

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4. Long big loose rasta braids with a top bun

These are common braids among women of color especially when they pick half of the braids, and the rest of the twists fall back on the shoulders. The roots of the braids are thick, and the ends are tapered. This hairstyle is ideal for braids with a lot of layers because of the tapered ends.

5. Box braids twisted in a crown halo

Loose braids rasta

Some box braids are twisted and braided again in a crown halo. This style can go a long way if you have some colored braids mixed with the black. This is a very exotic style that will make you look like you have put a lot of effort into the look.

6. Red-tinged box braids

For this one-half of the braids are put in an up do, and the rest is left to fall in his shoulders. This is a look that is off full braids, and the ends have a tinge of color. Black is the most common color of box braids but having some color added to the end of the braids makes then look better. Most of the time the color is brick red that creates the right amount of contrast that will compliment your eyes. Adding a cat eye to your make up will help the look go a long way. There are different rasta braids styles that could go with the red ting style.

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7. Black and white braids

Loose braids rasta
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With this hairstyle, your hair will look like you have dipped your hair in a can of white paint. These box braids have tapered ends that are mostly all white even when the roots are primarily backs. This creates an ombre look makes the braids look even better.

8. Double top buns on box braids

Loose braids rasta

This hairstyle looks almost like the pigtails. All you do after you part your hair in pigtails is ties the ends in buns. This creates a very cute hairstyle. It is also a great way to help balance the eight of the braids in the head.

9. Thin loose rasta braids in a casual up do

Loose braids rasta

This is a very casual bun when you compared it to others. You do not need to put much effort into it. All you need to do is to tie the long braids around the center around the crown of the head. This style can be accomplished with the different types of hair braids.

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10. Versatile box braids

Loose braids rasta

The best thing about box braids is the ease with which you can manipulate the braids to suit your needs and your mood. When the braids are thinner the easier it will be to style the braids. You can create a ponytail to having a crown bun that will be covering the top of the heads. You get to decide which look will work for you.

11. Rainbow box braids in in a bun

Natural hair braids

These are bright and colourful box braids that are most of all the colors of the rainbow. This will make you stand out from the crowd. The bright colors are quite bold and are ideal for the summer.

12. Blonde rasta braids styles

The blonde highlights work great with black hair even if some might not think so. The blonde colour of the braids helps give you a very bold look and move away from the normal black braids. It looks really great.

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13. Double trouble retro look

This style has double buns to the sides that make the braids look like they belong in an anime series done by the Japanese. The style has been around since the 90s and also long before that from the many tribes from across Africa. The buns are twisted and give a better balance to the weight of the hair and allowing part of the hair to cascade giving a retro look.

14. Volume with a purple tinge

This is one of the latest hair braids in the market. Box braids add volume to the hair making a person look much better. They add a little bump to the crown which adds to the look. When you have medium or the box braids you should consider adding some color such as purple to help brighten up the look. The purple hair color and the purple make up will make you look soo good.

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15. Pink and trendy pink tree braids

Latest braids in Ghana
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Micro braids are also referred to as tree braids and are really small when they are put together. The style is characterized by turning think braids into micro braids from the roots. The strands have ends colored in pink. The style might have come from the Congo. The style is made by putting half of the hair up in a high ponytail and leaving the rest down. The faux pink extensions add to the drama of the look.

16. Half up half down long box braids

You can put the box braids in a half up do. If the braids are done right that is with the right twists and clean hair, the box braids will look fantastic especially when they begin to form the side part. The long thin braids cascading over the shoulders add to the appeal of the look. The right amount of makeup focused on the eye the hairstyle can go a long way in enriching this look.

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17. Box braids pulled into bigger braids

Pictures of loose braids rasta

These are referred to as the double box braids. This is the perfect hairstyle especially if you are used to pigtails. You can part the twists in two halves and then braid them to the side. This will make the look appear chic and fabulous for a night out.

18. Twisted top bun half up do

Pictures of female cornrow styles

This is a style made to have half of the hair falling over the shoulders with the front part styled into an up do. This is a chic style that is meant to be worn on different occasions. It gives some tribal vibes and is ideal when the braids are quite thin.

19. Chic high bun with waterfall braids

Loose braids for black women

This is very similar to the previous look where the curls fall from the top bun from top of the head, and the bun is twisted in a royal fashion to create a chic look. The thin long braids then fall from the high bun to the shoulders. The hairstyle looks like black waterfall the natural look attract attention to the hair. When coupled with a pretty cat eye it will accentuate the whole presentation of the look.

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20. Black and gold up do rasta braids styles

Gold wheat highlights added to black braids add an appeal to the look. They look better when they are twisted together to form a bun at the crown. This up do does not require and additional product to stay in place.

21. Big loose rasta braids high bun

Latest hair braids

A high bun is excellent for a woman who likes her hair up all the time. The bun should be placed at the top center of the head to help distribute the weight of the hair evenly. After putting the hair in a bun, you might want to pull your baby hairs out as it is the trend. Then improve the look with large, and you will have an exquisite look.

22. Multi-colored side braids

Pulling the braids in one side will allow your jewellery to pop for the other side. Adding color to the braids will make the braids look more interesting. This look inspired by the Caribbean. You can have green, yellow and red which are the ideal Caribbean colors. Mixing the colors with the natural black is a great combination.

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23. Fashion savvy side part

With this style, you are going for a youthful and gorgeous look where you will get to enjoy the look. It is ideal if you have long and thick braids. When worn with a new pair of sunglasses and a pink lipstick you will have a gorgeous look. The look is rebellious yet very sweet at the same time. It is a style to go for especially during the summer, and most love it cause of its simplicity.

24. Short loose rasta braids

Loose braids rasta

Also called bob braids these box braids are curved at the shoulder length, and this is what attracts people to the hair in the first place. The shape appears perfect.Adding beads to the bob box braids make them even more appealing.

25. Gold laced micro braids

Rasta braids styles

These are tiny braids that are given life by the masses of gold threading and creates a jungle theme of box braids that are micro and are mostly undone at the edges. The twists on the crown add to the appeal of the style while giving a sexy vibe. The size of the brads helps them stay in the position without getting messed up. The length of the braids is perfect with the black mixed with the golden braids.

These loose braids rasta styles are definitely worth trying. You will sure stand out in any of the box braids styles

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