Man Living In US Advises Nigerians Sending Money Home: "Stop Placing People On Salary"

Man Living In US Advises Nigerians Sending Money Home: "Stop Placing People On Salary"

  • A US-based Nigerian man has advised people against working hard abroad to pay people's bills back in Africa
  • The man wondered why migrants are struggling abroad only to be placing an adult on salary without any work done
  • The man's opinion stirred mixed reactions as some believed that remittances from abroad help many people

A Nigerian man in the US has advised people against sending their hard-earned money to Africa to help people.

The man wondered why many migrants abroad worry so much about paying the bills of adults back home.

Abroad remittances/Man sending money home.
The man sat in his car as he advised Africans against sending money home. Photo source: TikTok/@ebonyioma
Source: UGC

Abroad remittances in Africa

The man (@ebonyioma) said that contrary to what many think, Africans back home only needed extra cash, and not struggling.

In his words:

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"Why are you paying someone's rent in Africa and you are squatting in Africa? You are placing someone on salary while you are struggling with two jobs."

He stated that if things go wrong, the same person one has been trying to help will be the first to mock one's misfortune.

Watch his video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Zico said:

"They will come for you with juju."

BrotherJC said:

"I hear you man, but I can't stay without taking care of my family and loved ones. That's my duty from God."

mezie said:

"I stopped sending money to anyone except my mum."

Executivesammy said:

"I rather struggle than not taking care of my siblings. I will continue doing it until they stand on their own. That’s my duty as the first SON period!"

Oyinlola$ said:

"Some people genuinely needs help, help when you can."

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Osasco said:

"Oga remember how your family helped you to travel."

Jam said:

"Me I stopped and when I stopped no one wants even to say hi or check on me. all they wanted from me was help & money. Once I stopped they don't wanna know me. but I don't care anymore am at peace."

Abroad-based man shows how disappointed he is with the house his relatives built for him in Africa

Earlier, reported on a story about a man based abroad who expressed disappointment in his relatives after sending money to them in Africa.

He explained that he had been sending money back home to build a house for the family but was disappointed to see it in real life.


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