How to get dimples naturally without surgery

How to get dimples naturally without surgery

Dimples steal hearts every time; dimples add character and charm and makes a face attractive. How to get dimples naturally without surgery when you smile? Very easy and quick way to get dimples naturally. So, now let’s see!

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How to get dimples naturally and permanently?

Those people who are born without natural dimples can successfully mimic their appearance through a variety of methods without surgery. Let us see the methods of getting dimples naturally.

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  • Sip in your cheeks: Do this daily for at least 10 minutes, there is no harm in trying to get dimples naturally. Start exercising and the method of exercise is, your lips should be in a slight pucker and your cheeks should be partially sipped in. Your cheeks should naturally indent inward in between your top and bottom teeth.
  • Hold and press the indentations: First of all, select the area where indentations are the deepest. Normally hold this spot using your two fingers on both cheeks. Keep your fingers fixed to these spots in a way which will make it easier to move your mouth.
  • Continue pressing for 30 minutes and more: To forming natural and permanent dimples you need to continue to firmly hold these points at least for 30 minutes. Because the longer you can hold the more luck you will have in getting them to last.
  • Smile and re-position your fingers as necessary: Your smile should be open mouthed and wide because natural dimples normally appear when someone has a fairly wide smile and keep your position of fingers on check in front of the mirror. If your fingertips go slightly off then you may miss your proper location.
  • Repeat the same process daily: Continue practising daily if you eventually have success. You will get natural dimples within a small period of time.

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How to make dimples deeper naturally?

To make dimples deeper naturally you need to take help of a professional piercer. Do not attempt to perform it in your home because it is risky. You need to go to reputed, qualified professionals because; they have the knowledge and necessary tools for making dimples that minimize your risk of infection and complication. Some things you need to take note before cheek piercing:

  • Clear the cheeks carefully before starting with the help of antibacterial wipes or antiseptic soap.
  • The hook which is used for cheek piercing must be antiseptic.
  • Piercers should clean their hands with antibacterial soap before starting piercing.
  • If your skin is very sensitive and allergic, then never choose this method.

Note- many professional bodies refuse to perform dimples without permission of guardians. Because there is a greater risk of nerve damage and other complications also because dimple piercings cut through muscles. You need to be sure that the tools are also clean. Maintain proper treatment after the piercing is done.

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How to get dimples naturally and fast?

If you love dimples but you are not lucky enough to be born with them, there are various processes to get dimples naturally and fast.

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  1. Use bottle cap to get dimples: Before using bottle cap, wash it properly, you can use both metal and plastic bottle caps. Metal caps are more painful, especially if you have sensitive cheeks but, it creates natural looking dimples. You can also use a plastic cap to make dimples. You can use both water bottle caps or soda caps whichever is convenient for you.
  2. Position the bottle cap in your cheek: Place the bottle cap inside the mouth, wedding it in between your cheek and teeth. If you want to figure out where to place the cap, then smile in front of a mirror and see it clearly. It should be placed just on the outside of your face.
  3. Squeeze your cheek: Press your cheek from the outside while sipping your cheek inward from the inside simultaneously. If your process of doing is correct then you will hear a small noise. But be careful and avoid any kind of accidents. Repeat on both cheeks. Then take a pause and turn your face so that everybody can see your dimple.

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How to get permanent deep dimples naturally?

Yes! You can get dimples naturally due to the practice of facial exercise. If you will perform facial exercise then, you can get natural dimples easily. How will you do a dimple exercise? Puck your lips inside the cheeks and just imagine, you have chewed something sour like a lemon. It is the best method people can get a result from, after doing this exercise; even if this method is not supported by science. You need to drink something sour so that your lips and cheeks will come to the natural position and you must have to place your cheeks in such a way that should naturally indent inward.

Another way to get natural dimples is with makeup. You can make dimples naturally by taking the help of makeup. Mark your dimples on the cheek using dark pencil eyeliner and make a small dot at the top of your cheek where you want your desired dimples. Then make a small shape on your cheeks. Yes, the line should not extend an inch below the dot. Now, your makeup is ready and you need to adjust your makeup so that your dimples appear natural. Finally, smile in front of the mirror and see the result!

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How to get dimples naturally without surgery?

Dimples increase the cuteness in our faces and many people who have dimples on their cheeks always steal our hearts because they look beautiful and attractive. Many people desperately want to get dimples and they decide to go for surgeries. But it is costly and also risky! And some people have fear of pain and risks so, how you will get dimples naturally without surgery? If you are looking for natural ways to get dimples, then follow some of the best tips below.

  • Healthy diet: The best natural way to get dimples is having a healthy diet. You should consume healthy diets and add fresh vegetables, fruits, plant proteins and meat to your daily diet and you should avoid consumption of junk foods, sugar and processed foods in your daily diet. Most importantly, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily which removes toxins and harmful chemicals from your body.
  • Smile and re-position: This is another effective way to get dimples naturally without any surgery. Keep your fingers in the right place on your cheeks and change your expression into a wide smile. Keep your fingers close to the smile’s corners where your dimples naturally show up when you smile.
  • Use pen or pencil: This is one of the best methods to get dimples naturally without any surgery. Try to follow this method as soon as possible and it is the simplest way through which you can get the dimple trick done at your home. Smile and then find out where the creases of your cheeks are. Then use two pens or back of the pencil to press against the muscles of the cheek. By performing this method regularly you will make dimples naturally.

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These are the list of methods that will help those people who are looking for simple tips to get dimples naturally without surgery on their cheeks. You should apply these methods as many times as possible to get the best result.


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