Don't blame Moesha, blame Poverty - Victoria Hammah defends Moesha

Don't blame Moesha, blame Poverty - Victoria Hammah defends Moesha

Former Deputy Minister of Information under the Mahama administration, Victoria Hammah has wade in on the conversation of Moesha Buduong’s controversial CNN interview.

The minister says a public debate on how to develop practical ways to eradicate poverty and injustice should be the focus of all Ghanaians at the moment rather than channeling anger and resentment at Moesha Boduong over her ‘sex for comfort’ comments.

Moesha earned the rage of several Ghanaians after she made comments to suggest Ghanaian women depend on ‘sex with men’ for survival.

Victoria Hammah defends Moesha

Victoria Hammah defends Moesha

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Moesha had told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Ghana’s economy is so bad to the extent that women are compelled to have sexual affairs with men just to survive.

Commenting on the subject in an epistle, Miss Hammah played up the role of poverty in the country and how it to a large extent results in asymmetrical sexual power relations.

According to her, women over the years have been marginalized in society and discriminated against and the situation of sex for financial security has become the case because of abject poverty that exists in society and the inability of governments to tackle the core of such issues.

Rather than focus on ‘bashing’ the young lady and doing nothing about the real issues on the ground, she proposed that a public debate should be created and the issue extensively tackled such that positive results are achieved consequently.

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Read below her full statement:

The hypocritical moral narratives being thrown at actress and socialite Moesha Boduong for her candid and brutish honesty on Christiane Amanpour’s “Sex and Love’ across the world only reflect the ignorant reactionary elements of our society.

Did I see Christine Amanpour express surprise at Moesha Boduong's position? This is even more hypocritical?

The US society is rooted in inequalities of not just gender but racial and even economic. The US has the largest pornography industry in the world contributing more than half to the global porn industry. It is undeniable that the porn industry does not only commodify and commercialize the woman’s body but reinforces historical stereotypes of women as sex objects.

Sex for financial security is the result of an uneven distribution of resources. Sex for money is the consequence of poverty and nothing else.

The above raises the realities of inequalities in our societies steeped in the social divisions of labour underscored by “capitalist economic governance”.

Victoria Hammah herself has been a victim of public anger after a tape that had her saying all she wanted was to gather enough money so she can leave politics. She has also been accused severally for using her body to gain ministerial position.

In the video below, the deputy education minister, Mrs Barbara Ayisi, speaks on how President Akufo-Addo inspires her, and how the president's success story must also inspire the youth of Ghana to greater heights:

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