What are the Megan Is Missing photos all about? Everything you need to know

What are the Megan Is Missing photos all about? Everything you need to know

If you are wondering what all the buzz is about on Megan Is Missing photos because of its movie, then you must have come across the scary reviews from social media users. Initially filmed in 2006, the movie did not see the light of public criticism until 2011 when Anchor Bay Films distributed it.

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Megan Is Missing photos
Megan Is Missing cover photo. Photo: @_senacean
Source: Instagram

Megan Is Missing photos resurfaced on social media, specifically on the TikTok platform, around 2020, almost nine years after it started distribution. However, the controversies generated on various platforms where it is being discussed are no different from how it was viewed in 2011.

Megan Is Missing: The story of a horror movie

American screenwriter Michael Goi wrote the movie within 10 days, and he was also involved in editing, directing, and co-producing the film in 2006. However, the film ran on a relatively small budget, estimated at around $30,000 to $35,000. As a result, it took an extra five years of scouting for a distribution company before the movie was released in 2011.

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The movie generated plenty of controversies upon its release. However, what gave viewers, critics, and movie regulators the cringe at the movie was its almost explicit portrayal of sexual violence and physical abuse. It was banned in New Zealand for these reasons.

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The plot and theme of Megan Is Missing

Upon release, it was apparent that this film aimed to strongly discourage teenagers, especially females, from going on a date with strangers. The movie is about Megan, a teenage girl who fell in love with an absolute stranger, Josh, online.

However, the latter kept on deceiving her about his love, even though he brought up one excuse or the other to remain anonymous whenever they agreed to video call.

The seeming lovers agreed to meet up for a date, and this began a series of events in the movie that will later make viewers ask questions like, "Was Megan Stewart's body found?"

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The guy that 14-year-old Megan linked up with was a sexual predator and psychopath, and the Megan Is Missing barrel scene is a testament to the excitement he gets from violating his victims.

Over the years, viewers have confessed to having difficulty looking at the Megan Is Missing photos barrel. In this barrel scene, the viewer will notice the decaying body of Megan, who had been sexually violated and physically tortured before she was killed and crammed into a barrel.

Megan Is Missing photos
Megan and Amy before they went missing. Photo: @horrorheadx
Source: Instagram

Are the pictures from Megan Is Missing real photos?

What most people want to know nowadays is if the movie's events happened in real life. This curiosity is not surprising because anyone who has seen the film will agree with the feeling of realness that most scenes exude.

However, it is essential to state that most of the characters and storylines are imaginations of the writer's fictitious mind. The movie only conveys the danger of going on a blind date, especially as a teenager.

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Michael Goi was present to direct the execution of his movie to make it as authentic as possible. In addition, he is said to have invited the parents of the teenage actresses to be present during the shoot so that they knew what their kids signed up for.

It is okay to say that answering questions like, "Does Megan Is Missing have real photos?" is an emphatic no. However, they are only as real as they are viewed on the TV set, and despite the harsh criticism about the storyline, there is someone who thinks highly of the movie.

Marc Klass praised Michael for coming up with the plot, and this may not be unrelated to the fact that his 12-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered some time in 1993.

Megan Is Missing pictures

11 years on, this educative yet scary movie still has the same effect on its viewers. There has been constant foreboding in the audiences' reviews on social media about the film. Some of them went as far as forbidding their followers from watching the movie.

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Nevertheless, this led Michael Goi to come on social media and make an important announcement about how everyone should watch the movie. This is even more important, especially when the Megan Is Missing photo number 1 pops up on a viewer's screen.

According to Michael Goi on his TikTok handle, he forgot to inform the viewers about the typical precautions they must adhere to before seeing Megan Is Missing. These warnings are:

  • They must not watch the movie late into the night
  • Never watch the movie alone
  • Either turn off the movie within four seconds or braze themselves up for some gory scenes whenever the "Photo Number 1" notification appears on their screen.
Megan Is Missing photos
Megan Is Missing writer, director, editor and co-producer, Michael Goi. Photo: @cinemaguy
Source: Instagram

Megan Is Missing ending explained

When Josh buries Megan and Amy in the ground using a barrel as their coffin, viewers begin to wonder if the perpetrator would go scot-free. The last 20 minutes of the 89 minutes long movie contains the scariest scenes of the entire film.

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After investigating her best friend's disappearance, Megan's friend, Amy, met the same fate put her at loggerhead with the perpetrator. She knew about Megan's conversations with the online lover and the planned date.

Consequently, she started talking to the guy online, and the latter quickly discovered that Amy suspects him of being connected with Megan's disappearance. So Josh, the anonymous guy, abducted Amy and took her to where he tortured and killed Megan.

Did they find Megan and Amy's bodies?

Josh tortured Amy as he did to her friend; he took her doll from her and forced her to eat from a dog's plate directly with her mouth.

When Amy would not stop begging him, Josh told her to climb into a barrel so that he could drop her off somewhere and make sure she was unable to say the location of the crime scene. Amy believed this but became hysterical when she saw the decomposing body of the friend she was looking for inside the barrel.

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She wanted to run off but was pushed into the barrel by the psychopath, who then drove into a bush and buried her alive alongside her dear dead friend.

Some viewers assumed that the law enforcement authorities might have come across the video diary that fell off Amy when she was abducted like her friend. However, it is unconfirmed whether the video documented all that happened to her and her best friend, Megan.

Megan Is Missing scenes might not be your ideal opinion of an educational movie, but you can not kill the message because you do not like the messenger. As much as the Megan Is Missing photos are disturbing, you cannot deny the truth that they revealed the reality in the danger of not being adequately acquainted with someone before meeting them.

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