NABCO has issues to fix - These are the biggest four of them

NABCO has issues to fix - These are the biggest four of them

The Nation Builders' Corps (NABCO) programme is supposed to be a mass employment initiative to help tone down the issue of unemployment. And although it might be a good idea, it is layered with problems that the government need to address.

President Akufo-Addo is counting on NABCO to be a lasting legacy to his presidency. His hope may however not be realised if his government does not look to address some structural and procedural problems. enumerates some of the most challenging issues that NABCO is facing .

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1. NABCO and teachers

The Ministry of Education is looking to make it compulsory for basic and secondary school teachers to have licenses to teach. That in itself might not be a bad idea.

NABCO recruits in a ceremony at the Independence Square. Photo credit: Government of Ghana
Source: Facebook

However, we are told NABCO members will be posted to teach at those same levels and they will not need licenses.

This will not make the professional teachers associations happy.

2. NABCO is not part of an industrialisation drive

Nana Akufo-Addo is perhaps the only Ghanaian president in the last 25 or so years who has been extremely vocal about industrialisation. Now, he has the chance to work.

However good NABCO may be, the fact that it is not tied into remaking the Ghanaian industrial sector makes the initiative a bit shallow.

3. No exit strategy

The NABCO initiative is supposed to temporarily keep individuals out of unemployment while giving them skills and experiences necessary for a more permanent job.

The intention is great. But there is no clear cut exit strategy for people when they leave the NABCO programme.

Perhaps, government needs to clarify this immediately.

4. It is looking like a disposable government programme

Youth unemployment has been an agenda for Ghanaian governments since independence. But it has become so difficult to solve because of partisanship.

Cabinet ministers at the launch of NABCO. Photo credit: Government of Ghana
Source: Facebook

NABCO may do well but there is nothing stopping the next political party to come in and throw it aside. We have seen things like that before.

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It is hoped the Akufo-Addo’s government will find a way to make it a fixed government programme.

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