COVID-19: 6 things to engage in while at home during lockdown period

COVID-19: 6 things to engage in while at home during lockdown period

Since the social media campiaign started on the need to stay home in order to reduce the spead of the coronavirus otherwise known as the COVID-19, individuals have been wondering what they would be doing idle at home during this lockdown period.

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A change in normal or daily routine creates a lot of boredom and frustration as well. has compiled a list of all activites to engage in to get rid of boredom during the lockdown period.

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1. Reading

Ranging from romance novels, Christian literature, African literature, fiction, poetry as well as science fiction, there are a whole array of books to choose from. Being at home and doing nothing could be quite boring and during this 14days lock down period it is prudent to occupy oneself with something quite productive, Not forgetting the opportunity to learn new words and expressions.

2. Binge-watch movies

Heard of Netflix and chill? Well, this could be another choice for movie lovers to occupy themselves in this not so normal days. Those with NetFlix accounts could watch the latest movies and series. Not to worry if you have no NetFlix account. Resort to the television sets as well as copied movies on pen drives. It is the best way to whirl away time.

3. Clean-up

Due to busy schedules, most 8am to 5 pm workers hardly have time to clean their homes thus, employing the services of cleaning companies or temporary helps. Well, this lockdown period is an opportune time for such individuals to do some cleaning up like sweeping, scrubbing, and dusting and also de-clutter one's wardrobe.

4. Spend time with Family

Family they say is everything. It is therefore important to spend quality time with one's family. Due to our tight working schedules and crazy traffic situations in the capital, most parents especially fathers find it hard to see or spend time with their kids and wives. This lockdown season is the best time to strengthen family ties.

5. Getting creative

Boredom brings out a lot of creativity. During this lockdown period when boredom sets in, it is advisable to find oneself doing something creative like braiding, beading, painting, interior decorations as well as gardening. If out of ideas, it is advisable to surf the net to see what best suits you.

6. Workout

To the weight watchers and those yearning to lose a bit of belly fat and probaly shed some pounds, your time is now. Imagine staying home doing nothing and just eating. The end results would definitely be weight gain. It is advisable to download some workout videos as well as trying simple home workouts like jumping jacks, jump ropes as well as squats that do not require any type of equipment.

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Meanwhile, President Nana Akufo-Addo has said that his decision to mandatorily quarantine all travelers who arrived in Ghana after March 21, 2020 has yielded good results.

According to the President he has been vindicated following the number of persons who tested positive after test were conducted on the persons who are being held upon arrival in the country.

Akufo-Addo opined that the majority of the country’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) case count is from the population of people under mandatory quarantine.

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